What to expect

AMF Bowling

Summer Unplugged Pin Decorating Contest

AMF Bowling Centers, Inc. is the world's largest owner and operator of bowling centers.


With a focus on ROI, AMF had two quantifiable goals for its Facebook page. First, it wanted to use social media to drive AMF Bowling Facebook fans to their local bowling center, particularly as part of the Summer Unplugged free bowling program. Second, AMF set out to build a larger, more engaged online community to support the in-center summer program.


Hodges Digital Strategies developed a multi-year program comprised of contests (designed to increase the fan-base) and a custom landing page that provides dynamic functionality, such as the ability to search for AMF locations).Our Summer Unplugged Pin Decorating Contest was a multi-tiered contest that ran parallel to AMF’s in-location Summer Unplugged free bowling program. As part of the contest, AMF fans picked up cardboard bowling pins at their local bowling center for their children to decorate. Parents then uploaded images of the decorated pins to the Facebook page and encouraged their friends to vote for their children’s pin. Finalists in each age group then squared off against each other to win the grand prize. The user-centric design of the contest ensured that it was easy to enter and share virally with friends.


The contest ran throughout the summer and helped grow the AMF Facebook fan page by around 20 percent, netting some 16,000 fans, mostly due to the viral nature of the contest. It also elevated levels of fan engagement for AMF, which is typically about 52 percent, meaning that more than one-half of the fan-base regularly interacts with the brand. Since launching AMF’s Facebook presence, Hodges has helped grow the number of fans to close to 100,000 Facebook users.