Increasing web traffic and contact lists through an integrated content marketing strategy for Virginia Telehealth Network

Leveraging a multi-channel mix to launch and promote an equity-focused healthcare campaign

Client Goal: Raise awareness about Virginia Telehealth Network’s educational offerings to providers and statewide initiatives through a new content series designed to address equity in telehealth

Virginia Telehealth Network (VTN) is nonprofit membership organization charged with promoting and enhancing telehealth efforts in the commonwealth. When telehealth rapidly evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic, many existing inequalities that prevented individuals from accessing care were brought to light. 

VTN launched its Equity & Telehealth initiative to underscore its commitment to serving those in need. The Hodges Partnership worked with VTN to design an equity-focused series of web pages, develop ongoing blog content and strategically convey that content to the right audiences through paid social media and email newsletter campaigns.


  • 54% increase in web traffic
  • 121% increase in email newsletter signups 
  • 429,395 impressions and over 4,500 clicks from paid social media advertising campaigns

Why’d It Work?

Hodges worked with VTN to identify opportunities for content that would resonate with Virginia’s licensed providers, practices, free clinics and other healthcare institutions. Content included regular updates to healthcare legislation, curated news, new tools and best practices and most importantly,  real-world, case-based learnings from Virginia’s providers and practices.  

Leading up to the Equity & Telehealth launch, Hodges began developing a pipeline of blog posts, videos and other forms of content to build momentum. 

Hodges undertook a paid ad campaign on VTN’s LinkedIn channel, targeting a customized audience of behavioral and mental health professionals and medical providers to get blog posts, videos, infographics and other forms of content in front of new targeted audiences. Monthly email newsletters were another avenue for promoting the VTN Equity & Telehealth series. 

Lastly, Hodges developed additional content to support the overarching campaign, which included a statewide survey of more than 10,000 licensed providers. Insights from the survey were integrated into the equity content series, LinkedIn ads and the monthly email newsletters, which helped to reach new contacts and more than doubled the email newsletter list.