Episode 26: What is PR? With the Hodges Interns

In episode 26 of Teaming Up, Anna Friesen engages with current Hodges interns—Jackson Amirshahi, Rachel Spiller and Peggy Stansberry—to answer the question, “What is PR,” while dissecting common misconceptions surrounding PR and the broad spectrum that the term covers. Each intern shares their unique journey, detailing personal misconceptions and how their experiences at Hodges has reshaped their understanding of agency life.

Episode Highlights

  • Common Misconceptions in PR: Jackson and Rachel delve into their initial misunderstandings of the PR world, discussing how their internships at Hodges provided them with invaluable, hands-on experience.
  • Personal Backgrounds: An exploration of the diverse academic backgrounds of the interns, highlighting how their distinct majors and life experiences have converged in the PR field.
  • Examining the Representation of PR in Media: Peggy breaks down the expectations versus reality in a discussion on the portrayal of PR roles in the media, spotlighting characters like Emily Cooper, Samantha Jones, Shiv Roy and Olivia Pope as case studies.
  • Advice for Future Interns: The trio offers pragmatic advice for aspiring Hodges interns and PR professionals on navigating their entry into the industry and carving out a successful career path.

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