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Tips for Increasing Organic Engagement on Twitter

By now, you get it.  Raising awareness, boosting engagement and reaching the right target audience on social media demands a “pay-for-play” strategy.  The way the algorithms work, it’s wasted effort unless you put some dollars behind your posts. Even so, that doesn’t mean you should completely abandon organic efforts, especially on the White House’s favorite social platform. Over the last two years, customer service conversations on Twitter have more than doubled, and companies are especially tuned in when negative tweets about them start to crescendo. What that tells us more broadly is that audiences want to be engaged on Twitter …

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#AskJon: What do How do I prepare to kick off an earned or owned content strategy? [VIDEO]

There are two very important things that you should take some time and do before you pick up any communication strategy, whether it be earned, owned or paid. The first is figure out what you want to say. What are the three to five things that you want to say over and over again to cement those messages into the minds of your targets. And then the second thing is figure out who those targets are. You know, you think you know who they are, but spend some time on the front end really figuring out who your audiences are …

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Distinguishing Your Content: Blog vs. eNewsletter

If your content program is working right, the number of followers who are hanging on every word of your blog posts should be growing month in and month out. By providing expert insights, delivering tips to customers and prospects alike on ways to enhance their business and educating readers about new trends and products – and all without shamelessly promoting your own amazing self – you should be moving the needle on increasing your base of followers. (And if not, let’s talk. You may not be as amazing as you think.) Growing the ranks of your fan base is only …

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Sharing is Caring: Why you should add internal comms into your social media strategy

Are you one of the 91% of businesses on social media? Probably so. Here’s an important question you may not have asked yourself: Should you make your employees part of your social comms strategy? There’s a good chance you’re thinking a definitive “no.” But there are two trends that may make you reconsider your answer. Employees don’t know what’s going on in the company In the early days of social media, most businesses took a strong anti-employee participation stance with their social strategy. The problem is, the ways in which people prefer to receive news is changing – and that …

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#AskJon: What’s the Right Tone for my Content? [VIDEO]

The right tone really needs to be something that is educational, something that shows your expertise. You really want to balance that against every bone in your body wanting to sell. People don’t really respond well to sales right off the bat. So what you want to do is educate them and again show your expertise as a way to start a relationship with them, and then look for opportunities to sell maybe a little bit further down the line. Whether it’s through specific offers or whether it’s slowly putting that sales message into your content. But the most important …

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Social advertising strategies on a shoestring budget

If there were coupons for social media advertising, I’d be sharpening my scissors ready to clip away. Unfortunately, the world of online advertising doesn’t have the same perks as other sectors of commerce, so being a good steward of your organization’s ad budget is important. That means designing a plan that balances your organization’s budget and goals. To give yourself the best chance at achieving your objectives, lay your advertising plan over your editorial strategy. Doing so will ensure that you’re spending your dollars at the most optimal times.  Take a look at your calendar and figure out when and …

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Is it time for a mobile app for your event?

If you host a large event, whether with customers, partners, prospects or the public, you know the joys and struggles of producing and distributing meeting materials. Even if, like me, you feel a beautifully designed printed piece is a thing of joy, you may just be ready to move away from a printed program guide to something more interactive. That’s the situation we were in recently as we helped a B2B technology client prepare for its bi-annual developer and user meeting. I’d had the good fortune to have managed the app for Richmond 2015, the UCI cycling championships held here …

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New year, new content

A look at what's new in our monthly newsletter

If you already subscribe to our monthly newsletter, aptly named the Press Box, you might’ve noticed we’re doing things a little differently this year. Don’t worry, we’re still sharing some of our latest client news and celebrating our office culture, but we’ve added a section we’re calling “The Rundown” which will keep you informed of the latest media relations, content marketing and social media trends we’re seeing. We like to think of it as the Skimm or NextDraft for PR (and marketing) folks (or at least it’s what we’re striving for). To show you what we mean, here’s The Rundown …

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The Threat to PR of Fake News

One of the most compelling reasons to undertake a media relations campaign is the credibility that placements in newspapers and magazines and other outlets give the subject of the coverage (assuming, that is, the coverage is positive). Readers and viewers assume that if a company or product merits a story, then it must be legit. That’s why you used to get clippings of stories from your grandmother. A case in point: in the early years of our agency, we were working with Snagajob, which wasn’t much older than us back then. The company needed to get in front of the …

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What’s the big idea? Creating content for digital platforms

You know your organization or brand should be pushing out content to your audience and followers, but getting over the hurdle of what to post can be a challenge. We’ve talked about generating content for Twitter, but let’s take a step back and see how you can generate ideas that can be used across all of your platforms. Role Play First, think of the adage about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.  That is typically a healthy exercise as you contemplate what the audience you are trying to reach wants to read or what problems they are trying to solve.  …

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