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A guide to targeting options on Snapchat’s new self-serve ad platform: Snap Publisher

Ever wanted to create an ad campaign that disappears? No, this isn’t James Bond and your message won’t self-destruct, but with the roll out of Snapchat’s new self-serve ad buying platform, brands of all sizes can create an ad campaign almost as quickly as the campaign’s video or photo will disappear. This blog post isn’t here to help you to decide whether or not your brand/organization should be on Snapchat, or whether you should be dedicating some of your budget to this new tactic (more on that in a future blog post), rather this post is here to serve as …

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#AskJon: What should I know about working with a PR firm? [VIDEO]

The most important thing to know about working with a PR firm is that the world of PR and marketing, for the most part, is changing every day. And what you used to come to PR firms for, which is primarily media relations, internal communications and crisis communications, well you can still come to us for that, but you can come to us for a whole lot more. So content marketing, SEO/SEM, even the web — you can come to us for that. The most important thing is, when you first come to us, don’t pigeonhole us. Tell us what …

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Client partnerships: This is how we do it

As we recently marked the 15-year milestone in our agency’s life, we’ve been thinking a lot about the next 15 – about who we are and where we are going.  In taking stock of our expertise and values, what’s clear is that our commitment to customer service stands out, becoming a defining part of our identity and culture. In 2002, we made a conscious decision about our last name: Partnership.  It was not so much a reflection of the alliance between our two founding partners as it was a marker for how we regard our relationships with our clients – …

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Brews and Barbecue Hit Bedford

PR and Marketing for a Brewery Opening

Has the Capital of the South become the Capital of the Suds? With more than 30 breweries (and counting!) now open in Richmond, it would sure seem so. And just like rebels of old, breweries are marching to their own drum throughout the Old Dominion. The latest outpost is in Bedford where Beale’s has staked a local claim to the craft beer market. We were proud to be on hand to help Beale’s kickoff its new venture, devising a sort of concentric circle marketing strategy that initially focused on beer drinkers and barbecue lovers living within 35 miles of where …

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What to Do When your Media Placement Contains an Error

Errors in the media are bound to happen: incorrect facts, misspellings or mispronunciations, tagging the wrong accounts on social media, you name it. Poynter does a rounds up (“Best of media corrections”) each year some of the funniest slip-ups that caught their eye, errors we might all learn a lesson or two from. But let’s face it, when we’re on the other side of those media miscues, especially when it involves your client, there’s not a whole lot that’s funny. Most of the time, these errors can be quickly corrected, especially when the article lives online. But what do you …

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#AskJon: I don’t know who my primary audience is. Where do I start?

You want to start marketing, but you know how to start. And, the first question, instead of asking what type of marketing you want to do, is to really ask who is your audience. And, the best way to find out who your audience is, is to talk to folks, both inside your organization and outside your organization, and then also existing customers. They’re going to be the ones that are going to give you the really good opportunities and give you the insights to tell you who your audiences are, who the low-hanging fruit is, and how to go …

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5 signs you need a marketing audit

Clients come to us for a variety of reasons – from wanting press coverage for a new product to helping generate new business leads. Sometimes they know which tactics would move the needle, but more often, it’s not so clear. That’s where a marketing audit comes in. A marketing audit is a comprehensive review of an organization’s materials, messaging, audiences and competitors using internal, external and third-party research. The result: a deep understanding of key buyer personas and recommendations for a strategic path toward achieving clear marketing and communications goals. 5 signs it’s time for a marketing audit An audit …

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Influencer Marketing: 5 Tips for Increasing and Measuring ROI

#Fakenews… #FakeAd? We are living in a world where 75 percent of consumers don’t accept advertisements as truth. And you know what? I don’t blame them. On the other hand, consumer reports are full of that kind of honesty, and it’s what buyers are looking for. In fact, 70 percent of people believe consumer opinions, which is pretty wild— people are seeking out strangers’ opinions to inform their buying habits—and they trust those strangers more than advertisements. So imagine the potential for success if a brand could get those “strangers” talking about their products or services. Welcome to the world …

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#AskJon: What do you make of the news that Facebook is pursuing original programming? [VIDEO]

So as a sports fan, this is a topic near and dear to my heart, because folks are very concerned about the future of ESPN given the fact that folks are leaving cable and satellite and going for over-the-top broadcasts. It’s natural that communities like Facebook, Twitter, I’m surprised LinkedIn hasn’t gotten involved yet, are getting into video in a number of different ways. But they have built communities. They have built in audiences, so it’s natural that content providers of all types, as well as the Zuckerbergs of the world, are going after more content, like Hulu and Netflix …

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The Run Down | June

Our rundown of the latest news in PR and digital marketing.

Earlier this year we revamped our monthly newsletter, The Press Box, to include some of the industry-related news and trends we’re talking about around the Hodges office. Think of this aptly named section, The Rundown, as your monthly recap of all things PR, social and content. Like what you read below? Subscribe to receive the next issue of the Press Box. VR Giving Employees R&R at Work The New Yorker highlighted Mure VR, an Icelandic startup that’s hoping to cure ho-hum office environments into “Oh wow!” ones through its virtual reality app, Breakroom. While some organizations have the budgets to create resting …

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