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Michaela Mishoe

The Power of EOP: A constant in an evolving media landscape

Regardless of size or industry, our clients come to us with a goal of finding the most impactful ways to connect with their target audiences. While strategies and tactics differ, one tried-and-true framework is the EOP model. Short for earned, owned and paid, the EOP model is a comprehensive approach that goes beyond isolated tactics and embraces a holistic perspective of strategic communication. Here’s what makes it so effective. The EOP Overview EOP serves as the foundation for a successful media strategy, but it’s not…

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Decoding social media: Five metrics to measure success

If one of your 2023 resolutions is to decipher and comprehend your quarterly social media report, consider this blog your cheat code. Understanding social media metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) will help determine if you’re meeting your goals and objectives, discern how impactful your campaign is and help create a roadmap for future marketing efforts. While your social media goals will determine which metrics you use to measure your success, it’s beneficial to recognize and define all the data points to understand the whole…

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3 must-have tactics for your higher education communications plan

Whether your goal is to increase enrollment, showcase life-changing research or establish your school as the best option to earn a certificate or degree, having a well-rounded communications plan is a must as a higher education institution. We’re big believers in the EOP model (earned, owned, paid), so here are three must-do tactics to add to your strategic communications plan and why they work well for higher education. Earned Media: Media Relations Incorporating media relations into your communications strategy gives you the opportunity to raise…

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Content creation: Why you should make your audience the star

From aesthetically pleasing graphics on Instagram to incredibly addictive videos on TikTok to podcast advertisements during a morning commute – it’s nearly impossible to avoid content. And with the volume of captivating content swirling around these days, it can be especially difficult to create content that catches and keeps your audience’s attention. If you, like me, are writing multiple content calendars a month, it can be easy to forget that the goal isn’t just to create content that supports your clients’ key messages, it’s to…

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How to build good media lists

Receiving unwanted emails can be both irritating and a waste of valuable time. Most of us, at some point or another, have signed up for online mailing lists that we don’t want to be on, and end up hitting the unsubscribe button, or at least I know I do. Journalists experience the same annoyance from receiving unsolicited pitches that have nothing to do with their beat or the subjects they usually cover. When pitching journalists and reporters, your goal is to get the hook for…

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