Kroger: National Grocery Brand Strengthens Regional Ties and Local Loyalty

Kroger Logo - PMS 293

Hodges delivers high-impact community engagement strategy in nine-year ongoing relationship

Client Goal: Make Kroger Feel More Local to Locals

From its regional leadership in Roanoke. Kroger actively invests in local communities, demonstrating its commitment to each community it serves. Kroger and Hodges have collaborated for nine years to make sure strategic media and community relations efforts are well crafted, focused and effective.


  • Successful launch of more than 10 new stores
  • Strategic focus on regional charitable giving aligned to greatest impact
  • Consistent, highly active regional media coverage
  • Positive growth across all key community engagement metrics
  • Region’s efforts recognized by Kroger corporate office for differential impact

Why did it work?

Hodges helped Kroger frame a crisp strategic giving strategy closely aligned with a smart media relations approach focused on responsiveness, transparency and strategic sharing of news as it is available. As a result of consistent and sustained efforts, the Kroger name has become particularly well known in the region for its commitment to the causes and events in the community. Local community relations efforts, including store openings and events, have involved a tight partnership with Hodges to maximize exposure and impact. Over time, brand identification in key markets has grown, leveraging a consistent strategy and continuing influence on key focus areas.