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When is the Right Time to Host a Media Tour?

A media tour is a great way to deliver a message to a key group of targeted media outlets in a consistent and time-efficient fashion. Media tours often make the most sense when there is something new to talk about – whether it’s a new product, event or even a new employee within a company whom the media might be interested in learning more about. We recently assisted our client Virginia Distillery Company with the coordination of a media tour that was held on site at the distillery in Lovingston, Virginia. The tour was designed to promote the launch of …

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3 Digital Marketing Metrics You Need to Use

With apologies to librarians, travel agents and Blockbuster, there are few industries over the past few decades that have changed as dramatically as public relations.  Communications, in general, has been transformed, of course—digitized in a way that has meant greater speed, enhanced creativity and improved efficiency—so much so that for old timers like me, it can be a challenge just to keep up. Digital Marketing is More Credible Marketing (to Clients) No one could have predicted what this transformation would have brought us over the past 30 years.  Technology has affected not only the manner in which we carry out …

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Attention public sector communicators, are you archiving your social media content?

Does FOIA mean anything to you? If not, you probably work for a private organization and this post isn’t for you. For everyone else, read along. FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and other state-level public records laws are a big deal for government agencies and organizations. Essentially, the public is entitled access to virtually any unclassified document, including emails, text messages and social media content. The digital age and FOIA haven’t exactly gotten along swimmingly, so to speak, for a variety of reasons. First, many people aren’t overly familiar with the extent of FOIA, and as a result, don’t realize …

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3 Takeaways from the 2016 College Media Conference

The Hodges Partnership’s higher education team recently spent three days at the 2016 College Media Conference in Washington, D.C. Organized by the Council of Independent Colleges and the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, the event included participation from about 100 colleges and universities, media panel discussions and great networking. How often do you get to spend a few days, talking PR with some of the best and brightest in the higher ed community? Kudos to the organizers – it was a great event. A lot of the panels included takeaways we regularly use when pitching faculty experts. Here …

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Setting your marketing program up for success

Looking at the most successful projects I’ve worked on to date, two common threads emerge: a focused goal and a clear definition for what success looks like. Whether it’s driving web traffic among a target demographic or increasing a client’s Facebook community, a clearly defined objective makes all the difference. But that’s often easier said than done. Figuring out where to start and understanding how to get there typically require some upfront strategizing that can make or break your ultimate success. Know Your End Goal The best strategies start with a clear understanding of the problem (e.g. your sales team …

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On workshops, conferences and placing op/eds

This is going to be a busy, but fun week. We’re looking forward to starting the week at the College Media Conference in D.C., where we’ll attend workshops, learn from higher education reporters and editors and network with university communications professionals. We’ll also hear from one of our clients, Cynthia Price at the University of Richmond, who will be moderating one of the panels at the conference. Conferences like this always produce new ideas and strategies – we’re looking forward to a great few days of learning. On Wednesday, I’ll be moderating a conversation with Clay Risen, an opinion editor at the …

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Why your next video should start with a script

Video is an increasingly important part of breaking through the cacophony that is social media in 2016—in fact, 87% of online marketers use video. But just stringing together some moving pictures isn’t quite enough to reach the right audience. Your video has to have a goal. Are you looking to generate leads? Educate existing customers? Drive webinar signups? Whatever it is, once you’ve established the goal, you may be tempted to switch on the lights and start filming. But… let me stop you there. Before plugging in the first light or setting up your tripod, you have to first have …

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So you want to be an award-winning PR pro?

There’s an irony to many public relations professionals’ work. While this is a generalized definition of our industry, so much of what we do is promoting an organization’s message and expertise to its audiences. But just as the cobbler’s children have no shoes, often we don’t take the time to do the same for our own work. One way to demonstrate your PR know-how is by winning PR awards! If you’ve never gone after awards before, or haven’t had success with them in the past, here are some helpful tips to give your company’s reputation a boost. Find the right …

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Building communities through content

At the most recent American Marketing Association Speaker Series luncheon, we had the privilege of learning a thing or two about content marketing the open source way from Jason Hibbets, senior community evangelist in corporate marketing at Red Hat. Creating content this open source way is a strategy that focuses on collaboration and community building: a concept that helped surpass 1 million views in March 2016 alone. Readers find the site primarily though organic search and although it’s sponsored by Red Hat, there are no ads – not even Red Hat ads – on the site. How do they …

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Trump’s new world order of media relations

By Joe Hyde, APR* (*not his real name, and he doesn’t have his APR either)

Donald Trump may be disrupting the way presidential campaigns are run, but is he now rewriting the rules when it comes to media relations? The Washington Post reported recently on a taped interview between a reporter for People magazine and the real estate developer on the subject of his recent divorce and hiatus with then flame Marla Maples. Even a quarter century later, the interview resonates as quintessential Trump: unrestrained bravado about his wealth, full-throated braggadocio on his romantic allure – all delivered with the verbal swagger of a man clearly enjoying the attention. But Trump acting like Trump was …

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