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Julia Loudy

Why Your Company Needs a PR Agency

In a world where a business’s image and reputation can make or break its success, the role of public relations has never been more vital. Whether you’re a small startup or a well-established corporation, PR can help you navigate the complex landscape of public perception. But why should you consider hiring a PR agency? Strength in Numbers When you hire a PR agency, you’re gaining access to a whole team of experts. While your account might have PR pros dedicated specifically to your business, behind…

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6 tips for working with social media influencers

Influencer marketing is and will continue to be a very important part of a brand’s growth. Whether a brand is looking to partner with content creators to promote an event, seeking out someone to shoot images for a brand’s use or simply leveraging ways to enhance its image, it’s essential to know the most effective ways  to work with influencers. As someone who has worked with influencers for over five years, I’ve put together six tips for working with them that will best position brands…

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How to find the right influencers for your brand

Did you know that influencer marketing is projected to become a whopping $16.4 billion industry in 2022? That means partnering with the right influencers can be more important than ever to position your brand for success. That said, finding the right influencers for your brand is not always easy. It requires a whole lot of research to identify the perfect combination of product and influencer.  To help navigate the world of influencer partnerships, I’ve put together a guide on ways to identify just the right…

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Women’s History Month: Celebrating some of the women who keep Hodges moving forward

Happy Women’s History Month! This month, and every month,is an excellent time to celebrate the women in our lives and reflect on those who fought for our equality (and continue to!) As a public relations agency comprised of over 60% women, we view Women’s History Month as an opportunity to celebrate the women around us. We work alongside powerful and influential women every day, not among our clients but on our team as well. According to the Public Relations Review, women dominate the PR field,…

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How to host an unforgettable influencer event

Influencers can help move the needle for brands, and a main way to reach them is by hosting influencer events to share brand products and experiences. When the pandemic started, networking events were forced to pause. Now that life is slowly getting back to normal, holding an influencer event is a great way to make a comeback.  This important influencer marketing strategy takes a lot of thought and planning. Below are a few tips to keep in mind as you host your influencer event.  Leading…

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Tips for planning a successful virtual press conference

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s that almost everything can be done online—this includes the staple event of media relations: the press conference. As restrictions continue to lift, we still find a virtual press conference helps to eliminate travel, freeing up reporters’ calendars during the work day and connecting speakers from all over the world. And just as you would prepare for an in-person press event, virtual press conferences require just as much planning—if not more. So, how do you organize one? Below…

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The GameStop situation exposed these crisis communications truths

It’s looking like 2021 might be just as unpredictable as 2020. So far this year’s got political unrest, new COVID strains, oh, and a Reddit thread about GameStop that exposed one of Wall Street’s darkest secrets – which triggered one crisis communications event after the next. To recap, users on the r/wallstreetbets Reddit thread set the foundation for a short squeeze on GameStop, pushing the stock price up significantly. Over the course of just two weeks, GameStop’s stock value increased by 1,500%, causing trading to…

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Our lives are changing and so are our social media platforms

If the past three months have taught me anything, it’s that our social media normal is rapidly evolving. More than ever, we are all obsessed with consuming as much information as possible through video and sound—even on our social platforms. While this trend in media consumption takes over, marketers are having to quickly adapt to stay relevant and a part of the conversation. With new social media features comes opportunities for creative expression and putting a voice to a brand. To make navigating the new…

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