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Meet a Hodger: Jada Carpenter

With a keen eye for design and an innate understanding of what looks good, Jada Carpenter has a knack for designing beautiful graphics that help clients reach their goals. Born and raised in Alexandria, Jada came to Richmond in 2013 to attend VCU and has been here ever since. She earned a B.S. in Mass Communications with a concentration in Creative Advertising in 2017. Jada was drawn to design when she began learning basic principles in her classes at VCU. The notion of design choices,…

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Building Confidence in Your First Internship: Five Tips to Tackle Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever experienced that gnawing, anxious voice in your head – a voice that continuously doubts your abilities despite all your hard work and triumphs? You aren’t alone. If you haven’t had the sorrow of being acquainted yet, let me introduce you to a sneaky little concept called imposter syndrome. Merriam-Webster defines imposter syndrome as “a psychological condition that is characterized by persistent doubt concerning one’s abilities or accomplishments accompanied by the fear of being exposed as a fraud despite evidence of one’s ongoing…

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Grand Slams: Reflecting on the 2023 Richmond PRSA Awards

Each year, The Richmond Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America holds its annual awards ceremony to honor the innovative work of public relations professionals from the previous year. The awards program champions creativity and highly effective communications strategies, and this year, Hodges knocked it out of the park. The team took home a total of 9 awards in the following categories: One standout campaign was “Virginia’s Community College’s G3 Awareness and Lead Generation Campaign” led by Michaela Mishoe and the VCCS account team….

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Finding and landing your first internship

Life after college can be scary, and in an economy that seems to only get more volatile, the post-grad job search can easily begin to feel like a bunch of futile attempts at adulthood.  However, there’s no need to lament over untapped potential just yet. Internships offer an excellent opportunity to establish industry experience, granting you a head start over your peers by the time you graduate. As an intern, you have the opportunity to expand your network, enhance your resume with valuable experiences and…

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How to stay connected during a virtual internship  

The pandemic completely changed the way we live, play and work. And while COVID-19 brought countless negatives, the virus also encouraged the world to rethink, revamp and revitalize age-old systems – like putting on real pants and going into an office five days a week.   As the growing number of remote internships and career opportunities increase, it’s important to learn how to communicate effectively with members of your team in a new way. Here are five tips I’ve learned for staying connected during a virtual…

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Meet A Hodger: Jack Gorman 

Jack Gorman is no stranger to change. In fact, you might even say he thrives on it.  Originally from South Lake Tahoe, California, Jack has spent his life moving from coast to coast. After receiving a degree in political science with a public service emphasis from the University of California, Davis, Jack began his professional career as a federal lobbyist in Washington, D.C., where he spent five years before moving to Seattle, Washington.   Following this, Jack moved between California and D.C. three more times before…

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Meet a Hodger: Alejandro Leon

With an aptitude for making connections and an instinct for digital marketing, VCU graduate Alejandro Leon is the latest former-intern-turned-Hodger to be welcomed back to the team. After interning with The Hodges Partnership and graduating from VCU in 2022 with a degree in public relations, Alejandro found himself back at Hodges after working with Velocity Marketing in Northern Virginia for the last year. Call him a “triple threat” with talents for branding, public speaking and writing, Alejandro brings great passion to Hodges, not to mention…

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Meet a Hodger: Amanda Christian

Whether she is coaching travel volleyball or seeing her favorite alternative bands in concert, Amanda Christian has her finger on RVA’s pulse. After graduating from JMU in 2020 with a degree in communications, she joined The Hodges Partnership as an intern, then came back to join the ranks of former-interns-turned-Hodgers this fall. With unwavering ambition, joining our team most recently from Virginia’s Wine Board, she has already propelled herself into a successful career in public relations. Without further ado, if you haven’t already, please meet…

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Meet a Hodger: Andrew Knight

He’s baa-aack. Faithful readers of these pages may remember Andrew Knight. He interned with Hodges back in 2020. At the time, he was simultaneously pursuing his M.A in Communication at Virginia Tech and teaching public speaking. A couple years later, we are excited to welcome him back to the team. Through his upbeat personality and optimistic perspective, Andrew brings great energy to the office. To balance the fast-paced nature of agency life, he enjoys spending time on the river. He loves to fish, and values unwinding…

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Headshot of Michaela Mishoe

Meet a Hodger: Michaela Mishoe

Today we welcome one of THP’s newest account coordinators, Michaela Mishoe. Michaela hails from NoVa – Springfield, to be specific – and is adding to our contingent of VCU Rams. After earning her degree in public relations, she went to the Big Apple to start her career. Lucky for us, she decided to come back to take her next career step. We sat down with Michaela Mishoe to learn a little bit more about one of our newest teammates. Why did you choose a career…

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Morgan Edwards headshot

Meet a Hodger: Morgan Edwards

Although he was born and raised in Goochland County to the west of the city, Morgan Edwards  considers himself a Richmonder at heart. Growing up on a farm brings some serenity, but around the time he turned 10, he and his family relocated and left farm life behind. He came to the city to become a Ram, and now he’s bringing that same spitfire VCU spirit to our agency. If you haven’t already, meet Morgan Edwards. Why did you decide on a career in PR?…

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Josh Dare in D.C. with a I love PBS button

Meet A Hodger: Josh Dare

After graduating from Gettysburg College, Hodges co-founder Josh Dare used a one-way ticket to Europe, happily backpacking through a dozen countries, until one day, he realized it was time to go home:  the Orioles were going to the World Series. Everyone knows you can’t miss the World Series. Starting his career in the FBI, Josh got his first communications hits in the Bureau’s public affairs office.  But that was only the first inning. He’d go on to work as a Capitol Hill press secretary for…

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