Episode 24: Uncovering Stories in Our Back Yard with Ron Carey

Podcast host Hannah Robinson seated next to the episode's guest, Ron Carey.

In the latest installment of "Teaming Up," Hannah Robinson sits down with Ron Carey, master storyteller and CEO of the Richmond-based creative and production company, Tilt. This episode dives into the art of storytelling through a local lens, circling around the significant yet often overlooked stories nestled within our communities.

Episode Highlights

  • The Birth of a Planet: Carey delves into Tilt’s groundbreaking documentary, which brings to light the compelling story of John Mitchell Jr. and the Richmond Planet. Premiering at the Richmond International Film Festival in 2022, the documentary is a testament to the enduring impact of Mitchell’s legacy and the newspaper on Richmond’s community.
  • The Power of Local Stories: The conversation underscores the importance of local narratives in enriching our understanding of history and community. Through the example of John Mitchell Jr., Carey highlights how stories from our past continue to shape our present.
  • Collaborative Creativity: The episode sheds light on the collaborative efforts behind the making of "The Birth of a Planet," showcasing how diverse perspectives contribute to telling a compelling, nuanced story.

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