Episode 25: Igniting Innovation with Kelly O’Keefe

In episode 25 of Teaming Up, Jon Newman engages with Kelly O’Keefe, CEO of Brand Federation, in a thought-provoking conversation about sparking innovation within organizations. They explore both macro and micro aspects of workplace innovation, emphasizing the importance of observation and understanding human behavior to meet unmet needs.

Episode Highlights:

  • The Essence of Innovation: Kelly O’Keefe discusses innovation as a response to human behavior and needs, stressing the value of simple yet impactful ideas like the DoubleTree Hotel’s warm chocolate chip cookie welcome.
  • Fostering Creativity: Tips on how organizations can cultivate an innovative mindset, including stepping away from distractions and focusing on the needs of those you’re innovating for.
  • Brainstorming Do’s and Don’ts: Insights into effective brainstorming practices that encourage free-flowing ideas without premature censorship.
  • Innovative Examples: The episode covers a range of innovations, from Amazon’s one-click ordering to Oreo’s resealable packaging, highlighting the variety and impact of different types of innovation.
  • Strategic Implementation: Advice on how to pitch innovative ideas successfully, emphasizing the importance of preparation and presenting a comprehensive plan to decision-makers.

Kelly’s insights provide a roadmap for tapping into the potential of innovation in any organization, making this episode a must-listen for those looking to drive creative solutions and strategic advancements.

Listen to the full episode for a deeper dive into these topics and more, available now on the "Teaming Up" podcast.

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