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Get noticed. Project expertise and experience. Drive and convert leads.

Behind our clients’ stories is one of our own. As journalists and content strategists, we harness the combined power of the news media, content marketing and social advertising in ways that help our clients' stories resonate with both their current customers and best prospects.

Our Approach

We start by exploring your goals, whether it’s raising your company’s profile, making a splash with a new product, enhancing your expertise in front of your target customers or building online communities. We do a lot of that — exploring, raising, splashing, enhancing — along with a whole lot of other smart tactics designed to get you noticed, build your reputation and drive sales. Our goal is helping you achieve yours.

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The Gong Blog

Trading Up: The case for regular media monitoring

So I was browsing through Mobility Magazine the other day, and there was this interesting article on how companies can help employees facing an international move get better acclimated to their new country. Great stuff. You may have missed it.  And that’s okay.  But when one of your main clients...

The WDBJ-7 tragedy Picture of Jon Newman

There really are no words. More than 30 years ago I started my television news career in the Roanoke-Lynchburg market working for the “Lynchburg station” WSET-13 out of the Roanoke bureau. We had three people (two reporters and a videographer) in our office. Across the street was the headquarters of...

What’s Your Starbucks Name?: HodgePodge for Aug. 21 Picture of Tony Scida

Jammin’ It might be hard to find a copy of Space Jam to watch, but you can still visit the movie’s original website, a time capsule of sort for the early web. Rolling Stone has the story behind the site from the people involved. Finding a way Profit is hard...

What marketers need to know about Instagram’s ad API

Earlier this month Instagram announced that it was making its ad API (application programming interface, which allows users to access the platform’s analytics to help monitor and drive marketing campaigns) available to marketing partners. More simply, much of the same audience and campaign data that’s available on other social platforms...

Friday: HodgePodge for Aug. 14 Picture of Tony Scida

I was way off Take a moment to take this one-question test at NYTimes. Trollception Comedian Chris Gethard got in a Twitter argument with a teenager and you won’t believe what happened next! (He invited the teen on his show and they worked it out.) Dot come on, man! Silicon...

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