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We start by exploring your goals, whether it’s raising your company’s profile, making a splash with a new product, enhancing your expertise in front of your target customers or building online communities. We do a lot of that — exploring, raising, splashing, enhancing — along with a whole lot of other smart tactics designed to get you noticed, build your reputation and drive sales. Our goal is helping you achieve yours.

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What will 2015 hold for PR and social?

The Gong Blog

Team White & Gold: HodgePodge for Feb. 27 Picture of Tony Scida

Color me informed Wired looks at the science behind why some people see that dress as blue and black, while others see it as white and gold. Pick a door Then there’s the time everyone corrected the world’s smartest woman about the “Monty Hall Problem.” Or should I say miscorrected?...

Why you should be paying attention to Snapchat Discover

Earlier this month, Jon blogged about the “walls tumbling down” where he referenced Snapchat’s new Discover feature. Discover launched at the end of January and is Snapchat’s newest iteration in its effort to monetize. And it makes sense; the latest stats are saying that Snapchat has more than 100 million...

Behind the Hit: FCEDA in The Atlantic Picture of Caroline L. Platt

Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (FCEDA), a long-time THP client, promotes Fairfax County, Virginia, as a business location. The FCEDA has been so successful in its efforts that TIME magazine declared Fairfax “one of the greatest economic success stories of our time.” THP is tasked with trying to top that kind...

8 ways to show employees they’re valued Picture of Lindsay Grant

According to a recent BLS reports, Americans (25-54) spent nearly nine hours per day at work or doing work-related activities. And we’ve all heard that Americans spend more time working than any other developed country. Knowing this, it’s more important than ever for companies to keep finding ways to reward...

Video Blog: Doubling down on media relations and brand journalism

In my first video post (hopefully of many), I explore the dual paths of traditional and “new” public relations and why we are traveling both. Marketing folks are using the phrases content marketing, social marketing, brand journalism, etc., interchangeably these days. This is causing a great deal of confusion not only in the...

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