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We start by exploring your goals, whether it’s raising your company’s profile, making a splash with a new product or enhancing your expertise in front of your target customers. We do a lot of that – exploring, raising, splashing, enhancing – along with a whole lot of other smart tactics designed to get you noticed.

we are social. we are digital. we are PR.

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Back to School: HodgePodge for Aug. 29 Picture of Tony Scida

Caesus paratus Actual researchers at an actual university (as far as I can tell) used actual science to determine what cheeses make the best, perfectly browned pizza topping. What? You may have heard that Hello Kitty is apprently not a cat. Twitter freaked out about it a little bit. Today...

Why PR practitioners should care about Facebook’s click bait change

(You won’t believe how Facebook’s recent change will affect you…) ^See what we did there? That sigh you heard on Monday was the sound of PR professionals everywhere rejoicing at Facebook’s new “click bait” changes. Finally, content will reach more people due to quality writing, and not because of teasing,...

Jars, Bars and Startups: HodgePodge for Aug. 22 Picture of Tony Scida

Even his pivots have pivots Stewart Butterfield really wants to make a particular kind of online game. He’s tried and failed twice now. The first failure spawned Flickr. The second attempt has now led to Slack, the hottest boring startup in all the land. Jarring trends If it seems like...

Snark Week: HodgePodge for Aug. 15 Picture of Tony Scida

Modern problems Vaudeville tries to save itself like print journalism is trying to save itself. Candy crushed Have you noticed fewer and fewer Candy Crush Saga invitations in your Facebook feed? That’s bad news for the game’s maker, King, who are struggling to come up with another hit. The Atlantic...

4 tips to engage journalists on social media

I admit it: I recently listened to a Bulldog Reporter webinar on engaging journalists on social media hoping that I’d find that one secret to unlock all doors: “If you do X on social media, 25 percent more journalists will say ‘yes’ to your story pitches.” Sigh. That didn’t turn...

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