Using local influencers in your content marketing strategies

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Brands are multifaceted. Communicating their stories requires attention to detail and often an intrepid willingness to implement nifty marketing techniques in the hope of attracting consumers. More and more, PR professionals are using social media campaigns as an essential element of a marketing strategy. Also trending is integrating an influencer into your campaigns, a tactic that can reap big time dividends.

Influencer marketing is a $6 billion industry. A trend in online marketing is to partner with local influencers rather than national celebrities. Micro or local influencers have fewer followers than well-known celebrities and mega-influencers, but they have followers that are seriously engaged. By definition, micro-influencers have a following of 10,000 to 500,000, according to Forbes.

Local influencer marketing implies using local influencers to promote your company or brand. These influencers aim to collaborate with local journalists, bloggers, YouTubers or Instagrammers who have a strong local following and can influence purchasing decisions in your region. Here are a few reasons to consider using a local influencer marketing campaign.

Relatable to consumer

Local influencers are seen as more tangible and relatable than celebrities.  They are, after all, ordinary people who are simply posting about their passions.

Suggesting a product to someone they know and trust encourages consumers to purchase products from them. One local example here in Richmond is UnlockingRVA, which does an excellent job making content relatable to area consumers. UnlockingRVA is an event management company that creates and promotes events around Richmond.

Screenshot of unlockingrva Instagram post promoting Lepa Candle's event at Les Crepes.
You had us at “champagne.” Consider us influenced.

This IG post advertising another company’s event is an excellent way UnlockingRVA uses its platform to promote another company. The post feels authenic and, because UnlockingRVA has established trust among its followers, it creates high levels of engagement.


The cost for an influencer can range from $75 to $3,000 per Instagram post, depending on their followership. More prominent influencers (read: celebrities) can charge as much as $550,000 per post! That could be a massive hit on your content budget.

The difference between the cost of hiring a celebrity/large influencer and a small influencer is significant. reports that local influencers can be 6.7 times more cost-efficient than prominent influencers.

Screenshot of The Richmond Experience's post promoting Native Plate.
For an office of foodies, this is very important content to our team.

The Richmond Experience offers local businesses partnership opportunities to help its followers and members discover and share the best that Richmond has to offer. With over 84,000 followers on Instagram, The Richmond Experience is a great asset for businesses to grow their customer base or promote upcoming events.

Another cost-effective option is using local influencers to support your brand for free if you can offer an incentive for them to participate, such as free guacamole for your taco or burrito or 15% off an oil change. Allowing consumers to try your product and recommend it to others is a terrific strategy to get repeat customers. It’s a win-win.

Generates more engagement

Local influencer marketing can help generate higher engagement on social media. They can connect with their followers on a more substantial level than a celebrity or larger influencer is able to do. And because they have a small follower bases, it’s easier to connect with followers. There’s a greater sense of community among them. 

When influencers have fewer than 100k followers, they are more likely to interact with their audience more thoughtfully. According to studies, influencers with 1,000 followers have the highest engagement rate. For social media marketers, the engagement ratio to followers is more essential than the number of followers. Compared to other forms of content marketing, local influencer marketing can help you produce more social media interaction.

Screenshost of mannyeats_ Instagram page with a sponsored feed post.
It’s the important sponsored message in the caption for us. That and the precision plating.

Let’s take @MannyEats_on Instagram. Manny Eats is a private chef with a solid Instagram following of more than 6,300 followers. His engagement is likely as good as his food. Even though he doesn’t have 10K – 100K followers right now, he has a strong enough engagement for businesses to leverage Manny’s followers for brand awareness.

Local influencer marketing can increase your brand awareness, engagement, walk-ins and sales. You can find influencers for your local campaigns on social media and search engines. Find local influencers who have an audience from your region to drive more customers to your business.

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