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Creative whiz. Francophone. Bibliophile. Foodie. These are just a few words that describe one of our newest Hodgers, and as you’ve probably already guessed, she fits right in.

When she isn’t switching careers and moving cities, you can find this Hokie alumna exploring her new neighborhood (looks like Cam isn’t the only Hodger representing Carytown these days), reading a good book or chowing down on all things buffalo chicken. Yep, you heard that right. Whether it’s in the form of wings, pizza or the ever-iconic dip, it will always have a place on Anna’s plate. 

After making the move from Washington, D.C. back to RVA, this OG Richmonder is happy to be home.

Please say hello to Anna Friesen.

Why did you decide on a career in PR?

I started my career in communications before moving into marketing, so I’ve dipped into a few different buckets. I’ve always liked the idea of PR and agency life in the way that every day is different and how you get to work with various clients. After the mundanity of working in an internal department, Hodges is a welcomed breath of fresh air.

You have the day off – what’s on the agenda?

I’d ideally wake up without an alarm and then meander my way to a coffee shop and get breakfast and read. It would be a beautiful day out and I’d probably take a walk around my neighborhood and spend time with friends later that evening over dinner and drinks. In RVA there is always a weird bowling or arcade place to check out so that would probably make the list too.

Can you think of a PR campaign that you particularly admire?

I loved the REI #OptOutside Campaign for Black Friday where it closed all of its stores and encouraged people to get outside and enjoy nature instead of crowding stores. I thought that was genius. I used to be really into Black Friday but now I could care less, which made me appreciate its commitment to changing the world’s materialistic mindset even more.

Go-to karaoke song?

I think I’ve done karaoke once in my life, but I feel like it would have to be a Jonas Brothers’ song, or a Britney Spears hit from the mid-2000s.

What advice do you have for young people who want to get into public relations?

I would say, ask questions and stay connected. In 2018, I went on a networking spree, and nothing really came from it. But I asked a lot of questions and stayed connected and that’s how I found out about this position at Hodges. I didn’t think it did anything back then but now I can see how it worked out in my favor. 

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