Make the Most of Your Social Media Video Strategy in 2019

Using video for social media

If you’re not including video in your content marketing and social media strategy in 2019, do yourself a favor and stop reading this and start planning. Video content is becoming critically important in today’s social media landscape, and we’re not just saying this as marketers. There is data to prove it:

  • Animoto found that 64 percent of consumers made a purchase after watching a branded video on Facebook.
  • Aberdeen discovered that brands who utilize video see their revenue increase 49 percent faster than companies that don’t.
  • Cisco predicts that video will account for 82 percent of global internet traffic.

While there is a certain quality vs. quantity consideration that should be made, you can argue that as long as you are thoughtful with the content of the video and that its content aligns with your strategic goals and objectives – have at it!

As technology advances, the recording devices in our very own pockets have the ability to capture video that could make worth-while social content. For example: if you’re company uses platforms that have a story feature (Facebook, Instagram), then video from your cellphone is perfectly acceptable. Stories allow organizations to be more in the moment, so something super slick and polished feels a little out of place.

If you’re looking to make a big announcement or if you’re explaining a product or service, saving some budget and reserving resources to make a more professional quality video could be beneficial. That way, your video could be used in multiple applications, like as platform-native video content – even as a video advertisement across platforms. Having a more gritty video may not read as serious or as trustworthy in this context.

How to use video on social media

You know you need to be on social. You know you need video. But do you know all the various ways you can incorporate video? Here’s a little cheat sheet with various video formats you can use across the major social platforms.

Linkedin: embedded/linked, native, ads

Did you know? When LinkedIn piloted video ads, it found that video ads had 3x the engagement as static sponsored content.

Instagram: native, stories, ads

Did you know? There are 400 million stories published daily – with one-third of the most viewed stories created by businesses.

Twitter: embedded/linked, native, ads

Did you know? IPG Mediabrands in partnership with Twitter found that when video ads appeared further down in a timeline, 73 percent of users found them not to be intrusive – many found the ads to be informative.

Facebook: embedded, native, ads, stories

Did you know? According to Facebook, marketers spend 20x as much on TV ads to reach around twice the audience as their Facebook videos.

YouTube (Do I really even need to explain this one?): native, ads

Did you know? Behind Facebook, YouTube has the second largest user base.

How do you plan on using video in 2019? I’d love to hear from you, so drop me a line at

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