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Anna Friesen

Filtering Fake News: How to Manage Social Media Content Responsibly

Honesty hour. As a self-proclaimed Swiftie, I fall victim to misinformation on social media more frequently than I’d like to admit. Between alerts on where Taylor was spotted, who she’s dating and when her new album will drop, it’s hard to keep up with what’s real as a fan. Social media has transformed the way we communicate and access information. Not just for Taylor Swift fans, but for everyone. It allows us to exchange information and connect with the other side of the world in…

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Six brands that are doing it right on Instagram

Content creation is important, but we understand that for some, it can be daunting. Take inspiration from a few of our favorite brands to take your Instagram feed to the next level. After all, everything can be a learning moment with the ever-changing nature of social media platforms. Brand Essence: @Glossier – 2.7 M Followers As soon as you visit Glossier’s Instagram page, you are transported to a calm, cozy and soft utopia. This social media experience is exactly what you experience on its website…

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How to take your content to the next level

Is your social media content falling flat? The solution might be easier than you think. Reference this blog post next time you’re looking to add some spice to your organic content. It’ll take your social media skills to the next level – I promise. GIF or JIF? Graphic Interchange Formats (GIFs) have been a large part of internet culture for years, and in many ways, they manage to say all the things we can’t.  Feeling sad? There’s a GIF for that. Doing a happy dance?…

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Two people in blurred motion stand in front of a wall of photos

How to represent your brand with a creative toolkit

It’s all in a name – and the branding. When building your brand, developing a creative toolkit is essential in setting yourself apart. A creative toolkit isn’t all about picking pretty colors for your brand. A toolkit builds cohesiveness and consistency within your brand that will engender trust with your clientele.  Begin with a simple exercise. Think of two to three words to associate with your business identity, For example, pretend you’re a fitness brand: confidence, drive, exercise. Bring these words with you as you…

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Ring light and camera with a colored background in the background

Three easy ways to capture your own content

Have you ever worried about running out of visual content to use for promoting your business? Have no fear. Creating content images can be as easy as ever with the new smartphone technology at our fingertips. You don’t have to be a professional to follow these easy steps to make your content exciting. First, find a solid backdrop/surface or find a nice corner in your office or outside. You’ll want a clean background with no visible distractions. Make sure the lighting is just right. You’ll…

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