Six brands that are doing it right on Instagram

Content creation is important, but we understand that for some, it can be daunting. Take inspiration from a few of our favorite brands to take your Instagram feed to the next level. After all, everything can be a learning moment with the ever-changing nature of social media platforms.

Brand Essence: @Glossier – 2.7 M Followers

As soon as you visit Glossier’s Instagram page, you are transported to a calm, cozy and soft utopia. This social media experience is exactly what you experience on its website and stores. Glossier does an amazing job of maintaining its Instagram feed with a consistent color palette, photography guidelines, and more. It communicates its brand perfectly, so you know exactly who it is, what it values and how its products make you feel.

Tip: Do you have brand guidelines for your organization? Add social media and photography guidelines to keep your feed consistent and optimally communicate your brand. Make sure to include how to frame/crop your photos, when and how to edit photos, Instagram reel guidelines, and more.

User Content: @GetawayHouse – 1 M Followers

Getaway Cabin offers mini cabins in rural areas near big cities, which means it’s probably not super easy to capture organic content. But the social media team doesn’t let the isolated destinations stop them. Whether through an influencer or a regular guest, its Instagram feed is full of user content to help keep that editorial calendar full.

Tip: Monitor tags or your listening tool to see your customers using your service or product. Post a kindly worded comment on a post you love to get permission to reshare, just like Getaway House did. And don’t forget to credit the user with a tag.

Diversity of Content: @ChamberlainCoffee – 529k Followers 

Do you feel like you are posting the same thing every week? Take some inspiration from this trendy coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee. Owned by influencer Emma Chamberlain, its content has an extremely diverse range. From horoscopes to recipes to influencers to interactive graphics, it plans out a multitude of content buckets to keep its feed fresh.

Tip: Use your analytics tool to take a look at your audience demographics on Instagram. Chamberlain Coffee is very popular with a Gen Z and female-presenting audience. So, it caters to them with these cute and fun posts. What would your audience like?

On-Trend Content: @Wendys – 1 M Followers

Yes, Wendy’s! It may come as a surprise, but this fast-food chain has become one of the funniest accounts to follow. Wendy’s social team is on top of all the social media, pop culture, current events, memes and trends. They are choosing to not use beautiful photos of French fries, but rather market themselves with humor.

Tip: It might not fit every organization but keep a pulse on the internet and pop culture to find something that works for you. Starter Kits, How It Started, and Distracted Boyfriend are all popular memes and trends that could work for you.

Reels: @BaboonToTheMoon – 171k Followers

Reels (and TikToks) can be intimidating but they can also be an excellent opportunity to sit down and relax or have some fun with your audience. It doesn’t need to be a big production with lights and costumes. Baboon To the Moon’s social media manager is putting in the work to frequently create and post top-notch Reels. This baggage company has a few uniquely shaped bags that might need some demonstration. With a smile on her face, she shows all the ways to carry the bags and how they are being used in the real world.

Tip: Don’t be scared! Grab a tripod and your phone to film a Reel in a clean and organized corner of your space. Hit record and talk to your audience as if your best friend is sitting right next you (with a filter 😉). Don’t forget to move and face natural light so you look your best.

What now? Set goals with your social media team with these brand inspirations in mind. How are you going to change your Instagram feed and content this year? Post one Reel a month or create three new content buckets a quarter – there’s so much potential for your Instagram feed!

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