Three easy ways to capture your own content

Ring light and camera with a colored background in the background

Have you ever worried about running out of visual content to use for promoting your business? Have no fear. Creating content images can be as easy as ever with the new smartphone technology at our fingertips. You don’t have to be a professional to follow these easy steps to make your content exciting.

First, find a solid backdrop/surface or find a nice corner in your office or outside. You’ll want a clean background with no visible distractions. Make sure the lighting is just right. You’ll want to avoid direct sunlight, especially when capturing a person, but dark lighting can be just as problematic. Now, you’re ready to try out these three easy photo ideas.


A flatlay is an image shot directly from above with an array of carefully styled objects. This is a great strategy for product-focused images. Grab your product and place it on a flat surface, such as a table. You can even place a tablecloth down or purchase different flatlay backdrops online. Grab some small items that represent your product and brand. For example, if your business is all about natural skincare, grab some natural items such as lavender or a potted plant to place next to towels, brushes or other skincare tools. It should appear like you accidentally left the table like this.Check out this great example from Pixi by Petra who showcased its palette’s colors through styled florals.

Demonstrate your service

Maybe you are more service focused – no problem. Take a photo of your service in action. Grab a few colleagues to help you out. Some shots you can set up a transaction or a meeting with a client or a project being worked on. Or take photos while working on a real-time project whether it’s onsite or offsite. Take a look at this terrific shot from Design Army, a creative agency located in Washington, D.C., showcasing a creative director in action on set.


Show your product or service out in the real world. Look at the world around you and think of where your clients or customers would be seen with your product. Check out this awesome photo from MyEyeDr. Its new line of blue light glasses was portrayed well by casually placing them on an iPad. Think of this as if a customer got up from the couch for a water break, and they perfectly left these on the couch.

You’re all set! I can’t wait to see the amazing content you’ll produce.

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