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Welcoming WRIC’s new VP, Larry Cottrill

We recently had the opportunity to meet with channel 8’s new Vice President and General Manager, Larry Cottrill. We welcomed him in Hodges fashion (with food) during our monthly “pizza storm” where we brainstorm topics over a pizza lunch.

Since arriving to Richmond, Larry has really taken the time to get to know the city and local industry, meeting with other agencies, executives, nonprofits and more. Hodges had the honor of being his 78th  meeting.

Larry and the Hodges team got to know each other and exchanged questions and tips related to the best places to eat, of course, and media relations – when is the best time to send pitches, schedule events and when press conferences are still relevant. He gave us the rundown on his background and plan to focus on hyper-local content while keeping employees present and engaged. An increase in digital presence, delivering local news and sharing what viewers want to know are just some of the goals he has for WRIC.

Larry most recently served as the VP and GM for WBOY-TV, Clarksburg, W.Va.’s local NBC affiliate and has worked in television and radio for more than 16 years, helping to grow revenue and increase ratings for multiple stations.

He has big plans in store for WRIC and we’re looking forward to seeing them.

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