Two Instagram updates you need to know right now

Ever feel like as soon as you finally get a handle on the latest and greatest in the social media world, one (or more) of the platforms just straight up laughs in your face?


Instagram just rolled out two new stickers for its Stories feature, and I’m not going to lie, for once I’m actually very excited about these new offerings.

Instagram donation sticker for nonprofits

If you work in the marketing department of a nonprofit that uses Instagram, your world is about to change. Yesterday, Instagram launched a feature it has teased out for months — the ability to collect donations within the platform through Instagram Stories.

The good news here is that unlike the “Swipe up” link, which is available only to users with 10k followers or more, any nonprofit that has signed up with Facebook’s donation capability can add the donation sticker to its Instagram Stories.

To be eligible for the donation sticker, you need to complete two steps: (1) make your Instagram a business profile and link it to your organization’s Facebook, (2) apply to be eligible to collect donations directly through Facebook.

In applying to be eligible to collect donations, you’ll need the following:  

  • PDF bank statement from the last three months
  • The name and date of birth of your organization’s CEO or Executive Director
  • Your organization’s tax ID number (EIN or VAT number)

Here’s the process your supporters will go through to donate.

Bonus: Your own supporters can also add the donation sticker to their own Instagram stories, enabling them to fundraise on your behalf!

Instagram adds new quiz feature

The recent updates don’t just benefit nonprofits. All organizations (and individuals) can take advantage of the new quiz sticker. You might be thinking, how different could the quiz sticker be from the existing poll feature?

The answer: very different.

Organizations can use the quiz to ask followers multiple choice questions with up to four prepopulated answers. The quiz maker selects the correct answer when creating the story, and if respondents select the correct answer, a confetti cannon shoots off.

On the back end, in the post analytics users are able to see who took to the quiz and the answer that each respondent selected.

The Poll sticker is typically used as a survey pool to glean insights from your audience, while the Quiz sticker allows you to test the knowledge of your audience, from trends in your industry to awareness of your products/services.

Have you used the Donation or Quiz sticker yet? We’d love to see how you’re using these new options for your business or organization.

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