The Power of EOP: A constant in an evolving media landscape

Regardless of size or industry, our clients come to us with a goal of finding the most impactful ways to connect with their target audiences.

While strategies and tactics differ, one tried-and-true framework is the EOP model. Short for earned, owned and paid, the EOP model is a comprehensive approach that goes beyond isolated tactics and embraces a holistic perspective of strategic communication.

Here’s what makes it so effective.

The EOP Overview

EOP serves as the foundation for a successful media strategy, but it’s not just about these core elements; it’s about the intersections and overlaps that add depth and value to the approach. In a media landscape where boundaries blur, a mix of strategies is vital.

EOP allows organizations to consider their messages in a holistic way, adapting them to reach the right audiences through the right channels at the right time.

Intersections and Overlaps

Earned and owned intersect in thought leadership. The pursuit of earned media placements often involves showcasing your subject matter experts. This same expertise is also featured in your owned content, enriching your social media channels.

Owned and paid meet on the platform of social media. Owned channels become more powerful when enhanced by paid promotion, ensuring your content reaches the right eyes at the right time.

Paid and earned intertwine through brand advocates, whether influencers in paid campaigns or the third-party validation earned media provides.

Tailored KPIs for Each Element

KPIs are crucial for measuring success, and the nature of each EOP element calls for different metrics. Before you determine KPIs, make sure they align with your objective: awareness, consideration or conversion.

Generally, earned media is measured in impressions for online outlets and publications. Owned media media looks at website traffic and engagement and paid media KPIs center around conversions and click-through rates.

Aspirational and Achievable

While an EOP approach is recommended, it may not be immediately achievable for all organizations. Flexibility is key. For those who need refinement or have resource constraints, tackling one piece at a time is a great strategy. Building a foundation with one component and then layering on others as resources and expertise grow is a practical approach.

In media, nothing operates in isolation—channels and messages are interwoven. Bringing earned, owned and paid elements together ensures your communication efforts are intentional, impactful and effective.

Michaela Mishoe

Michaela joined Hodges in 2021 and works on accounts including Virginia's Community Colleges, UMFS, the Virginia Dental Assocation, Virginia's Free and Charitable Clinics and United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University where she studied Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations.

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