The Case for Prioritizing Internal Communications

Now more than ever, effective internal communications have become crucial for organizations seeking to foster a cohesive and engaged workforce. Companies that nurture an open and transparent communication culture within their workforce can not only mitigate internal challenges but also drive productivity and long-term success.

Over the years, The Hodges Partnership has supported companies and organizations as they sought to strengthen employee engagement efforts. Through that work, and some intentional work of our own at the agency, we’ve learned a few things about why internal communications must be a key focus for companies and organizations of all sizes and industries.

The Basics

Fostering employee engagement:

Research continues to prove that engaged employees are more productive, innovative and committed to the organization’s goals. Effective internal communication fosters a sense of belonging, encouraging employees to feel valued and connected to the company’s mission.

Breaking silos and enhancing collaboration:

The larger a company is, the more silos can exist. Often this hinders information flow between departments and creates disconnect among teams. A robust internal communications strategy can bridge these gaps, promoting cross-functional collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Managing crisis and change:

It’s inevitable, there will be a crisis, and there’s sure to be change. During these points, internal communications become paramount. Keeping employees well-informed and providing them with clear direction can help alleviate anxiety and maintain stability within the organization.

Aligning with the organizational vision:

Internal communications can ensure that more employees understand and align with the company’s vision and strategic objectives. This alignment can drive consistent efforts toward achieving the organization’s overarching goals.

The Tools

Tailored strategies:

Internal communications is not one size fits all. However, there are fundamentals that can be applied to many internal communications plans. We focus on crafting bespoke internal communication strategies that get to core of our clients’ needs. By gaining access to internal subject matter experts, we become fully immersed and informed in order to help develop strategies that resonate with the organization’s brand.

Varied tactics:

Based on the goals, we’d consider a range of internal communication tactics, including newsletters, emails, blog content, video, townhalls, written interviews and more. These customized tactics effectively share information and stories within the organization and help to bring the team on board.

Benchmark surveys:

We love a survey as it gives us an accurate picture of where we are, and it tells us when we’re going in the right direction. We’ll often recommend beginning with benchmarking surveys and fielding ongoing surveying to gauge the effectiveness of internal communication efforts.

When done right, an internal communications strategy ensures that everyone in the organization receives consistent and accurate information, fostering unity and a shared sense of purpose. It not only leads to a current content workforce, it also works as a powerful talent retention strategy. People talk – online and IRL – and a positive workplace reputation and culture speaks volumes.

At the end of the day, employees are the front line. When a company prioritizes keeping employees informed, showing recognition, providing rewards and listening, employees become a key protector of a company’s reputation and image. In turn, they work harder and produce better results.

We’d love an opportunity to talk with you about your goals, or pain points, to see if there’s an opportunity to apply our expertise and deliver results that benefit everyone at your organization.

Lindsay O'Bar

Lindsay’s work focuses on community relations, internal communications and media relations for companies like Kroger, Virginia’s Community Colleges and the Virginia Department of Transportation. By marrying research and strategic thinking, she helps clients thoughtfully engage audiences and the community while driving business results.

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