Teaming Up, Episode 8: Amanda & Evans on Newsworthiness

“Newsrooms are continuing to get smaller, so our opportunities are fewer and farther between.” In order to compete in today’s media landscape and land placements at your client’s preferred outlets, their stories must be newsworthy.

Amanda Colocho and Evans Mandes offer their perspectives in Episode 8 of Teaming Up as to what makes something newsworthy, and their best practices for getting earned media placements.

Here’s what you can expect from their conversation:

  • There are no bad stories, only bad storytellers. You just need to consider which outlets make sense for that story.
  • While your client may really want a placement in an outlet like The New York Times, you should start pitching smaller and work your way up to that.
  • There are more outlets out there besides the major national newspapers. Consider pitching to some more niche outlets too.
  • Remember that you have no control over the editorial side of things, nor can you control the news cycle. Timing is everything.

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Hannah Robinson

Hannah is one of our media and community relations experts, approaching her work with her full heart and soul. In addition to her public relations skills, she is already a seasoned voice artist and admits to a special talent for memorizing song lyrics.

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