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Is your small brand ready for big attention?

Do you think your small brand is ready for the spotlight? If the answer is yes, there a few things you might want to consider before kicking off media relations efforts and emailing a TODAY producer to pitch your brand.

By lining up a few key elements, you’ll make sure your small brand is ready for the attention it deserves:

What it takes

  • Consistent Branding. A strong brand identity sets your product or service apart from all others and helps build brand loyalty. Establish consistent branding across all platforms, including your logo, website and social media accounts.
  • High-resolution Images. High-res product and lifestyle images should accurately reflect your brand’s story. To avoid copyright issues, make the investment in professional photography.
  • Product essentials. Pitching a product? You need to have your packaging, availability, samples and other relevant product information ready to go for media contacts. (And think ahead – if you want to be a holiday gift guides, you need to start making outreach in the summer!)
  • Adequate Bandwidth. The significant increase in web traffic that can come hand in hand with being in the spotlight requires enough bandwidth to achieve optimal performance and to handle the influx of visitors to your site.

Plan for Success

Proactive planning for public relations success is the best thing you can do to prepare for national attention.

A great trick to help prepare your small brand for big attention is to act “as if.” Picture the company you want to be one or two years down the road and start now to build an infrastructure that supports your vision. Doing so will put you way ahead of the game for when the morning talk shows come calling. And, when that national spotlight hits, you’ll be ready to shine!

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