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Pull Up a Chair: HodgePodge for Oct. 9


Everybody out of the pool

Grantland goes long on the influential, if unheralded, ’90s cartoon spoof talk show Space Ghost from Coast to Coast, which caught the attention of “a generation of young weirdos.”

Funky, funky

The oral history of Blue Note Records’ first platinum-selling album.

Science fact

Isaac Asimov on creativity, a previously unpublished essay from 1959.

Are we there yet?

It’s probably a good thing that today’s youth are less interested in driving than their parents (and aunts and uncles), because maybe they won’t ever have to do it. (Language advisory on that link. Also BuzzFeed advisory.)

Cloudy with a chance of…

It’s super convenient to keep all our stuff, from photos and videos to movie and music purchases, in the cloud, but what happens to our stuff when those companies go belly up?

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