Meet A Hodger: Jack Gorman 

Jack Gorman is no stranger to change. In fact, you might even say he thrives on it. 

Originally from South Lake Tahoe, California, Jack has spent his life moving from coast to coast. After receiving a degree in political science with a public service emphasis from the University of California, Davis, Jack began his professional career as a federal lobbyist in Washington, D.C., where he spent five years before moving to Seattle, Washington.  

Following this, Jack moved between California and D.C. three more times before deciding to take a leap of faith and changing his career path to work for a wine shop in Baltimore. For several years, he continued his path in the wine industry, eventually becoming an executive director for an association of wineries in Sierra Foothills.  

His latest adventure? RVA. Keep reading to learn more about our newest Hodger, Jack Gorman.  

What are the biggest misperceptions about working in public relations? 

That it’s easy! It’s a new world for me, I’ve never worked for an agency because my background isn’t in the public relations realm. I’ve never been dedicated to communications in this way, so it’s been a learning experience.  

What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you? 

I’m a cat lover. I used to absolutely detest cats, but when I moved to California, I lived in the middle of a vineyard and one day I opened the garage door and heard a cat. Come to find out, the cat had six kittens in my garage. I ended up donating three to a friend wanting barn cats and keeping three for myself.   

What celebrity do people say you look like? 

For me, that’s never been a good answer. People will tell me who they think I look like, and I’ll be like, “oh bummer.” I think I got Paul Giamatti one time, and I had to look it up and I thought, “bummer.” 

What’s your favorite Richmond eatery? 

It’s kind of a toss-up. My husband and I are big foodies! We love to cook and go out to eat. My Noodle & Bar is my go-to but if I’m going out for a nice occasion, I would choose Metzger.  

Where do you get your news? 

I subscribe to The Washington Post and The Richmond Times-Dispatch. I get lots of my news through Apple news, but I’m an avid TV news person. I really enjoy watching morning news and national evening news on TV.  

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