Meet a Hodger: Alejandro Leon

With an aptitude for making connections and an instinct for digital marketing, VCU graduate Alejandro Leon is the latest former-intern-turned-Hodger to be welcomed back to the team.

After interning with The Hodges Partnership and graduating from VCU in 2022 with a degree in public relations, Alejandro found himself back at Hodges after working with Velocity Marketing in Northern Virginia for the last year.

Call him a “triple threat” with talents for branding, public speaking and writing, Alejandro brings great passion to Hodges, not to mention a bit of luck. After all, he’s cheered his Philadelphia Eagles all the way to the “Big Game” this year.

Please give a warm welcome to Alejandro Leon.

What made you decide on a career in PR?

I have always been a good communicator and have a knack for conveying messages in a variety of channels and formats. Originally, my career took me into a digital space. I had a great experience in my position as a digital marketing analyst for Velocity Marketing and learned a lot about that aspect of the industry, but it was not necessarily what I went to school for. I wanted to get back to the public relations concentration and try my hand at that full-time. I found that this field aligns really well with my strengths and weaknesses, and I felt I aligned really well with Hodges.

Why Richmond?

I worked remotely in my previous position, based in Northern Virginia, so I was lucky enough to get to stay in the city I love after graduation. One of my favorite things about Richmond is definitely the food scene. Places like Citizen Burger, Foo Dog (RIP), and Hot for Pizza are a few of my top local picks, but I am always looking for new spots to try.

What would you say is the biggest misconception about working in PR?

In my opinion, the biggest misconception about the PR industry is what we do in general and the differentiation between us and marketers. We wear so many hats in this industry that I think people find it easier to lump both marketing and PR together rather than giving each facet its own distinction. PR is so much more representational of the brand and organization itself, while I see marketing as more of the product. Getting to know the people, companies and cultures is what speaks to me a lot more than the product itself which I think was a natural motivation for me to move into PR.

What is your advice for young people wanting to get into PR?

Be flexible. In my PR experience, I found that every day is completely different which can either be really exciting or really stressful depending on your personality type. It is also important to have the willingness to learn.

What are your favorite pastimes?

I love to cook, play tennis, enthuse about anything to do with Batman, traveling and spending time with my two younger sisters.

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