Grow your content strategy with short-form video

To no surprise, short-form video content has taken the world by storm. In short order, it has been redefining the way brands build awareness and increase user engagement.  

Today, PR and marketing professionals are growing more committed to expanding their short-form video strategies, and can you blame them? The facts are undeniable: 

The evidence is all there. Short-form video content is worth investing in. Here’s how:

Keep it short and sweet 

Short-form videos work because they cut to the chase. They capture viewers’ attention with strong opening hooks and give high-value information in a short span of time.  

That’s why 82% of marketers say it’s best to keep videos under 60 seconds. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment 

Your viewers can be as unique as your brand, so you’ll have to experiment to uncover what type of content they like best. Try making a variety of content using different video styles. 

Here are a few content ideas: 

  • Industry tips 
  • Fun facts 
  • Behind the scenes  
  • Tutorials 
  • FAQ answers 
  • Testimonials and reviews 
  • Product or service features 
  • Trend-based videos 

Test out these video styles: 

  • Live video 
  • Animated graphics 
  • Screen recordings 

Once you’ve posted a few videos, your data will point you in the right direction. You’ll want to consider which types of content buckets and video styles yielded the best views, average watch time, likes and engagement. These answers will help inform and shape your short-form video strategy. 

Almost half (7%) of marketers agree that short-form videos are more likely to go viral. Pair that with trend-based content or sounds, and your brand will be well on its way to growing engagement and reach. 

The Wes Anderson trend is one of my favorite examples. On TikTok and Instagram, people are romanticizing ordinary activities by recording short, symmetrical clips and editing them together to mimic Wes Anderson’s unmistakable cinematic style. Brands have quickly jumped on the trend, featuring “slice of life” moments that feature their product or service.  

I really enjoyed James Madison University’s take on the trend and clearly others did too. Its Wes Anderson-style video featuring “A spring day at James Madison University” earned the highest views and likes compared to their other posts over the last month.  

It’s important to remember, though, that not every trending sound or meme format will align with your content strategy and brand voice, and that’s okay.  

Repurpose content 

Save time and get greater reach overall by sharing your video across several platforms. Today, almost every social platform has its own short-form video tools and capabilities, making it even easier to reformat existing content and fill various channels

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