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Four Podcasts for PR Pros


The popularity of Serial came at a fortuitous time for me. I’m frugal and opted not to extend my Sirius XM subscription trial. Thanks to NPR and an embarrassing love for adult contemporary music, I’m able to make the eight-minute drive to work entertained.  For longer trips though, my mind needs more than the six-station preset traditional radio offer. Sarah Koenig, you were a godsend in late 2014.  

After 12 episodes and too many fist pumps into the air, exclaiming, “But, what about the Nisha call?” I wanted more. More podcasts, that is. This need for more podcasts led me to a few that are relevant to PR professionals.

Here are four of my favorites that tackle everything from journalism to content marketing:

  • Longform: It’s no wonder this one appeals to the PR professional. Longform is a weekly conversation with a non-fiction writer or editor on their career path, process and what makes them tick. I enjoyed a recent episode with Hanna Rosin, senior editor at The Atlantic, on how she finds subjects for stories, comparing it to “speed dating.” From a PR perspective, it’s interesting to hear background about some of the biggest stories of the moment through a journalist’s point of view. 
  • On The Media: It’s an oldie, but goodie. Produced by NPR and WYNC, On the Media is a radio program and podcast that provides media analysis on current events. A recent episode examined the history of beat reporters and how those positions are declining. Did you know that Pulitzer chain editor Charles Chapin started the concept to help secure exclusives and gain advantage against their rival Hearst? I also learned that there are less and less obituary writers. I promise, it’s fascinating stuff, especially for PR people involved with media relations.
  • SocialPros: Every week, hosts Jay Baer and Jeffrey Rohrs connect listeners with “Real people doing real work in social media.”  I caught a November episode featuring Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick who gave an impressive run down on the latest and greatest in social media. If you’re a PR professional trying to stay ahead of the social media curve, tune in.
  • This Old Marketing: Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose know content marketing. Lucky for us, they share their expertise weekly and include a healthy dose of comical and witty banter. Each episode includes analysis of three to four popular content marketing articles. Earlier this year, a podcast talked about everything from examining the potential implications of FTC-regulated native advertising to the power of video content on Twitter. For PR pros involved in content marketing projects, This Old Marketing is a great way to stay informed.

I guarantee your morning commutes will be more interesting and informative by listening to the above podcasts. I’d like to expand the collection of downloads on my iPhone though, so I ask you, what are YOUR favorite podcasts? Please share in the comments below. 

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  1. Blake H. Mirzayan

    Good list! Been catching up on Longform for about two months now. Another one I like is For Immediate Release. A lot of podcasts focus on a specific facet in PR like social or content – co-hosts Neville Hobson & Shel Holtz bring in experts who help cover a broad range of PR trends twice a week. Check it out!

  2. Cameron McPherson

    Blake, isn’t Longform the best? I will check out For Immediate Release. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Valerie, love me some Alton Brown and didn’t know he had a podcast. Thanks for sharing! I’ll make sure to download (and not listen while hungry).

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