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Ew: HodgePodge for Nov. 13


Gum springs eternal

Seattle’s famed gum wall is in the process of being de-gummed. Read about it on NPR.

Happy little challenge

PBS NewsHour invited viewers to take the #BobRossChallenge and paint along to old Joy of Painting episodes on YouTube. The results are far-superior to 12-year-old Tony’s own attempts many years ago.

Stressed for success

“[W]hile family structure seems to have permanently changed, public policy, workplace structure and mores have not seemed to adjust to a norm in which both parents work.” NYT’s TheUpshot takes a look at what it calls a “Portrait of the Modern Family.”

Future news

The Times also recently distributed a Google Cardboard virtual reality headset to subscribers, along side a VR story, The Displaced. Here’s Fortune on the experience of watching it.

Speaking of watching

In-fighting, intense drama, voice-over narration—all standard features of reality shows that The Great British Bake-Off eschews to great success. Here’s Vox on why they like it so much.

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