Don’t overlook email marketing: Here are a few reasons why

According to Statista, there were four billion email users across the world by 2020 and 99% of them check their email at least once per day. That’s why if you aren’t leveraging email marketing as a client offering, you’re doing yourself a disservice. 

Email marketing may not be one of the first things you think of under the rubric of public relations, but it can be an important tool to increase brand awareness, re-engage audiences and repurpose and share original content. 

Diversify your client offerings

Email marketing is a tactic that can support strategies in your existing work, extend a strategic partnership or even entice new audiences. 

Sales and marketing have “owned” email marketing for some time— mostly because the lion’s share of email campaigns are driven through a sales funnel.  After all, the return of investment can be easily tracked and measured more directly than through a social media post or positive media hit. As PR professionals, we love how email marketing provides an unambiguous means for validating success.  

Get smarter about your content promotion

You already know that four billion people are using email as a consistent form of communication, so why not use that to your benefit? Many organizations go all in on various content channels — whether it’s in the form of a blog, newsletter, press release, etc., but all too often, the email arrow is somehow missing from the quiver.   

That email is not frequently part of a marketing strategy is confounding. While social media trends are constantly evolving, with platforms coming and going, email marketing has stood the test of time. In 1971, Ray Tomlinson invented an electronic mail system that would go on to become what we recognize as email today. More than a half century later, more than half of consumers say email is their preferred communication channel with small businesses. 

Social media algorithms can be a tough nut to crack, and relying on organic traffic to an organization’s website likely won’t get you the results you need. With so many people using email, the method is one more touchpoint to share announcements and stories with target audiences.  

Figuring out what works

With so many people and businesses using email as their priority form of communication, it’s important to understand the underlying strategies that make email campaigns effective.  It’s more than just hitting send. Smart email marketing relies on a constant test-and-track approach to ensure that it is continually doing better.

From the subject line to the tone, from the length to the core messages, every part of the email can and should be evaluated to determine your optimal results. Once you master the art and science of email, you will see meaningful impact on your ROI. 

Here are some components of effective email marketing: 

  • Attention-grabbing subject lines that keep people reading
  • Concise, compelling and relevant content
  • A-B testing on various elements (e.g. subject lines, key messages, length)
  • List building among target constituencies
  • Audience segmentation with messages tailored to each

Email marketing is often an overlooked area for public relations professionals. For years, it has lived under the sales and marketing umbrella, but as the lines between industries continue to blur, email marketing can be a helpful tool to support and elevate any PR campaign. 

Got all that?  Now here’s a helpful guide to get you started with your next email marketing campaign.

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