Dear Kelsey: A letter from my high school self


You may have seen this recent story in the news about a teacher mailing letters students wrote to their future selves 20 years ago. Today, I received a letter I wrote to myself when I was a senior in high school (in 2008), mailed to me by one of my high school teachers.

My letter was just one page and to my surprise I have the exact same handwriting as I did seven years ago. Here are some of the best excerpts from the letter:

You are probably reading this right now and thinking wow I remember when I wrote this…. it was such a long time ago.”

Thank you past self for reminding me that I am old.

“Hopefully I have made it through my 4 years at Virginia Tech and I am on my way to being a real grown up.”

Am I a real grown up at 24? Sure?

“High school was probably the toughest part of being a teenager, unfortunately a lot of things like DRAMA and parents get in the way of having fun.”

I have the most wonderful parents, I have no idea why I would write this!

“Hopefully I didn’t have a super crazy roommate lol ß that means “laugh out loud” if I’ve forgotten.”

Yes, Kelsey from 2008 we still use “lol” in 2015; we also have these great things called emojis.

I also wrote about hoping that some friendships would stay the same and that others would change. None of it came true, but that’s okay. And as far as career goals I saw myself interning at a major magazine “or something cool like that.

Today as I celebrate my two-year anniversary at Hodges I think where I landed is “something cool like that.” Thank you Kate Hoof for holding on to my letter for the past seven years, it caused a lot of laughter in our office!

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