Crisis Communications – and why it’s NOT one size fits all

In the face of unexpected challenges, organizations must be prepared to weather the storm with a robust crisis communications plan.

At The Hodges Partnership, crisis communication is not a one-size-fits-all approach; instead, it is a tailored strategy designed to address the unique needs of each crisis and organization.

A tailored approach

At Hodges, we recognize that every organization is different, requiring a customized crisis communications plan. By immersing ourselves within the team that is dealing with the crisis, we quickly learn any nuances or unique pain points. That said, there is a similar approach we try to take to each unique situation:

  • Addressing priority actions at the onset
  • Outlining procedures and specific responsibilities for next steps to ensure a well-orchestrated response.

These priorities and procedures will look a little bit different for each situation – no two crises are the same.

The impact of digital

In today’s interconnected world, crises can quickly become amplified through digital media. This is when pre-crisis planning becomes essential, as there is no longer a buffer period before media, or the public receives information. The good news? Social media’s rapid dissemination can also be harnessed to share vital updates and control narratives effectively during a crisis.

Build a crisis plan BEFORE you need it

It’s ideal to develop a crisis plan when no active crisis is underway. Conducting scenario-based and media trainings ensures that leadership teams are well-versed in the plan and equipped to handle emergencies calmly and confidently. Preparedness prevents scrambling for responses during a crisis and empowers organizations to communicate effectively with stakeholders in a time of need.

While we don’t typically shout examples of our crisis work from the rooftops (it can be accompanied by non-disclosure agreements ensuring confidentially), what we can share is that we’ve helped clients in navigating employee and HR issues, mergers and acquisitions, cybersecurity breaches and other challenging situations.

We have a team of experts that is just a phone call away, and that’s usually how things unfold when it comes to a crisis. We get a call, and next thing you know we’re in the “situation room” with the client getting a download and making a plan.

Some crises last just a few days, some weeks, some months – but we’re proud of our ability to jump in for as long and as quickly as crisis communications expertise is needed.

Megan Irvin

Megan spends her days doing media relations, community relations, content creation and events for clients like Kroger Mid-Atlantic, Federal Realty and Mercy Chefs. Her favorite part of her job is working with clients and providing strategic counsel — and garnering media attention for clients in outlets like TODAY, Esquire, USA Today and Bon Appetit.

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