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Boo!: HodgePodge for Oct. 30



Nobody cares how hard you work.

Read another day

In a Longread about Bond movie title tracks, Adrian Daub & Charles Kronengold look at what makes them wonderfully awful and awfully wonderful at the same time. (Or as the authors put it, “most Bond songs are gangly, glorious homunculi.”)

Greek mythology

As we lead up to the Richmond Marathon in a couple weeks, here’s the New Yorker on how the marathon, which had previously varied in length, came to become fixed at 26.2 miles.

One star

Via Next Draft, here’s the Verge on how ratings systems have turn customers into horrible bosses. (To be honest with you, it just had me dreaming of an Uber of pasta.)

In defense of bacon

Let’s dispense with the punchline at the beginning: no, bacon isn’t worse for you than smoking. If you need the details, Vox has an explainer.

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