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Behind the scenes: Hilldrup helps make GameDay happen

Our work for Hilldrup has transformed over the years, and recently we’ve been able to fully implement an Earned, Owned, Paid strategy which includes pitching local and trade media, writing web content, managing social media profiles (Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook) and promoting content using social advertising.

Gathering content for clients with operations in multiple cities often can be a challenge, and today, users on social media expect to see engaging content (video/photos) all the time. So when the opportunity to visit Charlottesville and Chapel Hill fell into our laps for Hilldrup, which has locations in seven cities, we were just a little bit excited to say the least.

What you might not know is that Hilldrup Moving and Storage provides the truck, branded with the school’s logo, design and colors, and drivers for both the University of Virginia and University of North Carolina football teams, hauling the team’s equipment for every away game. This year the UVA driver has already logged more than 1.2 million first downs – nearly 7,000 miles on the road.

Earlier this season, Volvo Trucks USA set up a video shoot with the help of Untold Digital to create an awesome video highlighting the important people behind each game, including the UVA and UNC football equipment managers and the Hilldrup drivers for both schools. And while we were there to ensure that Hilldrup’s key messaging was incorporated, we also took the opportunity to collect photos and video that we could share on social media throughout the football season.

One of the first things we did in Charlottesville was shoot a Facebook live video of the UVA truck being packed for the Oregon haul, so UVA fans could get a behind-the-scenes look ahead of a big game. And in case you’re wondering, we used the same Mevo camera as for our ride along with Elliott Sadler earlier this year!

Most of the content we collected in Charlottesville and Chapel Hill will support the @TeamHilldrup Twitter account, where fans can follow the trucks on away games and enter to win priority tickets to home games — any UVA or UNC fans out there?! Follow the account for your chance to win.

Here’s your behind the scenes look at what moves UVA and UNC Football:

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