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How to make your media advisories (and events) more social media-friendly

Does your team regularly distribute media advisories? If so, make sure they’re incorporating social media when pulling together info.

I love a good media advisory. Done well, it should communicate to journalists what to expect at an event, the types of video and audio that will be available, the on-site spokespersons and other relevant logistics. This is done through the five basic journalistic elements: Who, What, When, Where and Why.

Because social media is such an integral part of the communication strategy for newsrooms, don’t forget to communicate about relevant hashtags or handles.

If a journalist covers your event, whether it’s a press conference or a special function, it’s likely they’re going to share the fact that they are covering it on their social channels. So, make it easier on them and provide relevant social hashtags.  It’s an easy way to garner greater brand exposure on your social media accounts.

Additionally, if your organization plans to share the press conference on Facebook Live or another streaming service, give details on how a news outlet can tap into the feed. This increases your chances of a news outlet sharing the Facebook Live with its followers – and journalists may pull quotes and write stories from the press conference, just as if they were there in-person.

Here’s how my media advisories look with the addition of the social channels section.


ADVISORY: Headline Goes Here and Typically Includes Date

WHAT:                Concise details on what is happening

WHEN:                Date and time

*Make sure to note times of specific remarks, announcements as well

WHERE:              Address

WHO:                  Specific speakers, honorees and relevant attendees

DETAILS:             Additional background and logistical information

SOCIAL:               The organization will be sharing updates utilizing the following hashtag:


The organization has a presence on these platforms – Twitter, @handlegoeshere; Facebook, “Page Name Goes Here” and Instagram, @handlegoeshere.

The event will be streamed via Facebook Live beginning at [insert time]. To watch, visit [insert organization’s name]’s Facebook page.


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  1. Cynthia Price

    Love the idea of adding social. It makes sense, and reporters get that it’s about amplification. They hope that we, too, will amplify their stories on social. Great tip. Thanks!

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