Leveraging trade media to create brand awareness of a new subsidiary business entity


Client Goal: Introduce Silgan Dispensing as a new standalone business outside of its parent company, WestRock

In July 2015, WestRock was formed after the merger of two large corrugated packaging companies, making it the second largest American packaging company. Today, it is one of the world’s largest companies, employing over 42,000 individuals all around the world. After a series of purchases, acquisitions and sales, WestRock’s dispensing business was sold to Silgan Holdings in early 2017. With the international attention and the industry name recognition of its parent company, Silgan Dispensing was left in the shadows.

Silgan Dispensing approached Hodges in 2018 as it faced a brand awareness issue in the marketplace. Hodges worked with Silgan to develop an earned and owned media approach that would allow it to regain traction around its brand name through a steady drumbeat of news announcements and continued relationship building with trade media, particularly at industry tradeshows.


  • Re-established and strengthened key trade media relationships resulting in consistent and increased media coverage in its target publications, like World Pharma Today.
  • Consistent growth and increase in media placements each year:
    • 2018 -18 placements
    • 2019 -33 placements
    • 2020 -41 placements
    • 2021 -75 placements

Why’d It Work?

When it comes to media relations, the uninitiated may believe that earning a coveted spot in the New York Times or Washington Post is the best way to reach your audience. That’s not the case when you’re talking about B2B media relations.

Trade media outlets, while limited in the number you can pursue, are often direct lines to your target audience, and more importantly, to the decision makers at potential businesses who may be looking for the products and services you provide.

Hodges helped to educate the reporters at key trade outlets to let them know about the history of Silgan and how it operates in its new capacity. Through ongoing outreach and nurturing, our team increased trade media placements by 525% from initial engagement to year four of our relationship.