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First, thanks for all the comments and kudos for last week's maiden Vlog voyage. We want this to be a true conversation and we'd love some suggested topics as well.

This week we tackle the confusion over the terms and phrases used to describe how we sponsor, boost and amplify all the content we're creating.

Traditional, online, and social platforms all offer their own ways to get people to see what you write, shoot and post. It's important to know your options and how you should describe them to your co-workers, bosses and clients.

You may not agree with my descriptions. That's fine. But what we can all agree on is that we need to start with great content. Because if you don't have that all you're left with is just the ads.


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Jon Newman

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  1. Lew Blaustein

    Excellent vlog, Jon. So is it fair to say Native Advertising is really an online or mobile version of what in print would be called Advertorial? Also how does FB boost work? I’ve not used it for GreenSportsBlog yet but maybe I should. Finally, for a prospective future vlog topic, perhaps you could talk about how Cause Related Marketing is fitting into, and perhaps shaping, this new media landscape. Again, great job. Lew

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