The “blogging nun” and others in Richmond’s social media scene

Bill Lohmann is back where he should be.  Bounced around the Times-Dispatch because of the well-document “churn” at the paper, Bill is back writing the long-form stories that best showcase his reporting and writing talents.

Leave it to Bill to find Sister Vicky Ix, or as I like to call her, “the blogging nun,”who showcases her social media and culinary talents on YouTube.   Sister Vicky is just one of the many Richmond-area folks included in Bill social media roundup in today’s Lifestyle section. 


Bill does a great job showing how individuals, companies and agencies are using social media to communicate to different audiences.  Whether they are helping to market clients like Virginia’s Community College’s Jeff Kraus and THP are with the Virginia Education Wizard or whether they are using it to market themselves to find a new job.

Many of those in the local social media scene are featured including folks like Jonah Holland from Lewis Ginter, some of our friends atSiddall and Sonali Shetty at Compleo Apps and our friendly competitor John Hopkins at CRT/Tanaka

But I think I will use Sister Vicki as a great personal example moving forward. 

If a client says they don’t want to use social media because their boss doesn’t believe it will do their company any good, I have no problem telling them, “if it’s good enough for Sister Vicky’s “Boss,” it should be good enough for them.”

Jon Newman

In 2002 Jon cofounded The Hodges Partnership and has helped to grow it into one of the country’s largest public relations firms (based on O’Dwyer’s annual rankings). Jon has taught communications as an adjunct professor at VCU, speaks regularly at conferences and meetings and blogs and tweets about public relations and marketing issues.

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