Richmond Social Media Club post mortum

They all survived.  Maybe there was a little blood spilled, but at the end of the day the panelists at Tuesday’s Richmond Social Media Clob program dig a bang up job addressing the issue of how social media is changing or in some cases, not changing their lives as reporters, editors and members of the media.


There were moments.  Like RichmondBizSense’sAaron Kremer admitting to the crowd that he didn’t use Twitter and didn’t see it as a news tool (Aaron, not the right crowd to admit this to….LATE NEWS FLASH:  Aaron Kremer is now on Twitter @akbizsense.  Nice recovery, Aaron).

Also, Ian Graham of RVA Magazine talking about how there’s little difference between news media and news commentators (I agree with Ian, although most people in the crowd didn’t,

Also, better than standard fare from John Sarvey and Ryan and Rachelat NBC12 on how social media is being incorporated into their daily lives as bloggers and journalists.

Jason Roop at Style Weekly provided some insight into how social media can help weeklies compete on a daily basis and also provided the comic relief of the night (#corndog?).

My big win was meeting the person behind @RichmondGL.  Don’t worry your secret is safe with me.

But by far the biggest winner of the night was #SMCRVA itself.  After the first meeting at Morton’s that was more social than informative, the new group showed that it can deliver on social and informative providing the right mix of mixer and program.

The big challenge for the group looks to be finding locations large enough to host the crowds that want to attend.  Frankly, that’s a great problem to have.

Jon Newman

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