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Gotcha! HodgePodge for April 1

For every great April Fools’ prank, there are a dozen bad ones. This April Fools’ edition of HodgePodge is a look at the good, bad and ugly of the contentious April 1 holiday.

April Fools: A (Unknown) History

As maligned a holiday as it is, no one really knows where April Fools’ comes from.

(Don’t) drop the mic

Pro tip: Don’t email a .gif of the Minions to potential employers.

Nothing to see here

One solution to annoying April Fools’ pranks? Ban them. 

Roanoke 2026

Shout out to my hometown of Roanoke for its faux Winter Olympics announcement.

SEe also

For all the other folks who decided to get in on the shenanigans, here’s a rundown of today’s pranks.

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