Four Considerations When Revisiting Your Public Relations Strategy

A public relations strategy is like the stretch of I-95 between Richmond and Washington, D.C. No, really, stay with me on this one.

It’s never really finished. It’s a work in progress. You’ll always work from Point A to Point B, but occasionally, you’ll take some detours, try new things, evaluate what works and what doesn’t and apply your learnings the next time you travel.

A public relations strategy is similar in that you often know your starting point and ending point. And while you have in your mind what you need to do to get there, sometimes you have to make some considerations (or reconsiderations) along the way to make sure you’re being efficient, effective and successful.

To ensure your public relations roadmap is precise, here are four considerations to work through as you revisit and think through your strategy.

  • Primary competitive advantage: What is your competitive advantage over other companies that offer similar services? Does your messaging leverage this information, or are your competitors steering the conversation?
  • Target audience/persona: What are some characteristics of your primary audience(s), or your most profitable or ideal customer? Thinking about this can validate your strategy and help finesse your tactics. Are you using the right vehicles to reach your targets?
  • Areas of expertise: Where are your strengths, and who can speak to those areas? Identifying these areas can help drive your strategy, which can lead to consistency and add credibility to your brand.
  • Placements/opportunities: What are some realistic and aspirational placements for your organization? If you’re working through media relations efforts, is it the New York Times or an industry trade? If you’re doing community relations, is it securing a partnership with a nonprofit and getting the mayor out to an event?

Car and travel puns aside, it never hurts to revisit even the best-laid public relations plans. Whether you’ve been working through a strategy for six weeks or six years, take a step back to make sure all the wheels are in motion toward the right goals and objectives.

OK, we’re done. Let’s hit the road.

Laura Elizabeth Saunders

Laura Elizabeth is a strategic dynamo, especially when it comes to implementing inbound marketing strategies. She also enjoys doing research, writing and media relations works for a variety of B2B clients.

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