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Facebook launches call-to-action button on company pages


Facebook Admins may have noticed a new button on their timeline page, the “Create Call-to-Action.”  The Create CTA button started appearing on some of our client Pages last week, but at the time of this post, not everyone has the feature, so be on the lookout. Here’s what we know so far.

What is it?

The CTA button allows admins to insert a CTA directly onto their timeline page (previously it was only available for status updates)at no cost. Choose from the following actions: Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up and Watch Video. (Nonprofits: a ‘Donate’ option for charitable organizations is not yet available.)

How do I add a CTA?

  1. Go to your Page’s cover photo and click Create Call-to-Action.
  2. Choose your call to action and URL you want to link. (Note: Facebook will automatically choose the best destination based on your specified web address, but you can edit these suggested destinations.)
  3. Click Create.

Where is it?

After you create a CTA, the button will appear in a fixed location, overlaid on top of the cover image to the left of the ‘Like’ button. Keep this in mind when choosing cover photos. If you pick a new cover photo and you can’t clearly see the CTA button, use another.


According to Facebook, the tools is “designed to bring a business’s most important objectives to the forefront of its Facebook presence.”

Who Cares?

Social media managers – you should. Marketers – you should. Is one of your business objectives to drive traffic from Facebook to your website? If so, add a CTA button to your Page. It’s a simple, measurable way to get users from your Page directly to your website or a specific landing page to sign up for a newsletter or other offer.

Online retailer Dollar Shave Club used the CTA button during beta testing. According to Brian Kim, director of acquisition for Dollar Shave Club, “over the course of a three-week test, the Sign Up call-to-action button delivered a 2.5x higher conversion rate versus other comparable social placements aimed to drive new user acquisition.”

What do you think? Have you added a CTA to your Facebook page? If so, have you seen any results? 

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