Episode 20: Media Relations vs. Content Marketing with Jill Vaughan, APR from JLV Communications

Episode Notes:

Back from summer vacation, Teaming Up is returning with a debate of sorts. It’s the battle of media relations vs. content marketing.

We brought in one of our favorite independent practitioners, Jill Vaughan of JLV Communications, to pair up with Josh Dare to discuss these dueling tactics for our 20th episode.

Over the course of their conversation, Josh and Jill talk about the pros and cons of each tactic. Spoiler alert, there isn’t a clear winner in this conversation, because as the two will go on to point out, there is a time of place for each tactic – and a combination of the two tactics. As you tune in, you can hear Jill share about her early media relations days pitching our very own Sean Ryan, and how she hosted a press conference at the Richmond International Airport to celebrate a very BIG dollar figure. Josh will also share some of his media relations anxieties and will sprinkle in a little paid perspective into the conversation. Other topics in this episode include:

  • How technology has impacted media relations
  • The value of third-party validation
  • The emergence of content programs
  • Considerations to ask when deciding which tactic to leverage

Can you pick us a side?

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