Behind the Hit: CCT in NAELA News


THP recently wrapped up a year-long project with Commonwealth Community Trust (CCT), a local non-profit organization that specializes in pooled special needs trusts for individuals with disabilities. Special needs trusts allow these individuals to have more than $2,000 in personal assets without jeopardizing their eligibility for benefits like Medicaid. Despite this obvious benefit, special needs trusts, particularly pooled special needs trusts that CCT offers, are largely misunderstood by the legal community.

We wanted to fix that.

Of all the different types of law, elder law attorneys are among the most common to use special needs trusts. (A well-intentioned inheritance can have severe consequences if not placed in a special needs trust.) And the top news source for these professionals is NAELA (or rather, the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys).

NAELA offers several news publications, primarily NAELA News. After researching past issues and finding no previous coverage on special needs trusts, we pitched the editor on having CCT’s executive director, Joanne Marcus, write a feature article on pooled special needs trusts, as it relates to elder law attorneys. After getting the go-ahead from the NAELA News editorial board, we worked with CCT to draft the article, which was published in the April/May issue. It also was the lead article in NAELA’s weekly e-newsletter. 

Greg Surber

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