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Paulyn Ocampo

Our Digital Content and Marketing Philosophy: Strategic Storytelling and Informed Insights

The landscape of digital marketing continues to evolve (at a faster rate than ever these days), but our philosophy remains the same: compelling storytelling that is rooted in strategy and data-driven insights. As channels multiply and opportunities to engage audiences expand, our approach focuses on generating high-value, high-quality content that evokes emotions, nudging audiences toward meaningful actions. In this post, we’ll share some of the key principles and successful examples that highlight the effectiveness of our digital marketing strategies. Strategic Storytelling Digital marketing comprises a…

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3 things you need before starting a social media marketing strategy

Most clients that come to us for social media marketing strategy already have established brands and social media presences, in which case our role is to help them improve their overall strategy and/or to help take the burden of content creation and day-to-day management of the platforms off their over-stretched hands. In some cases, we get to be on the ground floor as they launch new social media profiles. You’d think it’d be just as easy as setting up a profile, slapping a cover and…

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Social media user's hands with a phone loaded up to the TikTok screen

Should my brand be on TikTok?

Whenever a new social platform is launched, every marketer is inevitably asked the question, “Have you heard of [insert buzzy new social media tool]? Should we be on that?” With new tools and platforms launching and sputtering all the time (hello Fleets, Vine, Google+, Meerkat, etc., etc.), it can be hard for marketers to answer that question before it’s even clear if the platform is going to stick around. TikTok seems to be here to stay. With more and more users flocking to the platform…

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Two people carrying large cardbox boxes, their faces obscured behind the boxes

Four tips to lighten the content creation load

Social media managers wear many hats. They serve as community managers, customer service support, marketers, data scientists and content creators, among many other roles. But content creation can be the toughest of all. Anyone who has put together an editorial content calendar for social media knows just how time-consuming and daunting it can be. “Is this post funny? Is it relevant? On brand? Is this image compelling enough to get someone to pause mid-scroll?” These are just a few of the thoughts that cross a…

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group at work at table with a bullentin board with post-it notes

Creating content that gets you new business

There’s no doubt that the global pandemic has caused a lot of our fellow marketing and public relations comrades to pivot from their planned strategies and tactics. In fact, what we’ve been seeing is an increased interest in remote marketing, even if it’s as simple as amping up digital efforts that may already be in place. As Jon points out in his post linked above, a lot of this involves refining and refreshing your digital marketing building blocks, including revisiting and updating your personas, cleaning…

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The resurgence of user-generated content

Soliciting user-generated content has been an arrow in the content quivers of many marketing and PR teams. Previously, user-generated content had been used mainly as an activation tool to get audiences to engage with a brand on social and/or as a way for brands to fill their own content pipelines when creative resources were low.  The rise of user-generated content in 2020 With the rise of COVID-19, we’ve seen a resurgence of user-generated content, but the impetus for the ask is much different than it…

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How to prep for a tradeshow from an EOP perspective

When it comes to tradeshows, the focus for marketers tends to be on developing the creative for the booth and collateral, while the sales team is focused on customer appointments. Taking some time to look at your tradeshow strategy through an EOP (earned, owned, paid) lens can help you get more mileage out of these big budget events. Below are some suggestions for prepping for tradeshows from an EOP perspective. Earned  Industry tradeshows are often attended by trade media. Whether you’re in the tech industry…

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Content Marketing is an Organizational Effort

All too often we are approached by clients who struggle to initiate and maintain an ongoing content marketing program. Typically, it’s not that they don’t recognize the value of such a program, it’s more a gnawing fear of how they will find the time to implement what is likely a time-consuming strategy. After all, it’s usually our friends in the marketing and communications departments who often shoulder the entire brunt of the effort, without a lot of help from the rest of their organization. What most don’t…

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Creating content that converts

Content marketing has been around for ages and its accelerated growth and use especially in the last few years shows that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. 89 percent of Americans use the internet to find new products and services and research potential purchases. The way consumers shop today differs vastly than they did even just 10 years ago. They are no longer swayed by overt, aggressive sales and advertising tactics—instead today’s buyers (both b2b and b2c) prefer to do the research and decide for…

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measuring social media advertising ROI

Does social media advertising really work?

“Does social media advertising really work?” “What kind of ROI will I get on my social ad spend?” These are the kinds of questions we get a lot from clients. So, let’s start with the second one, the important question about using social media to move the needle.  The answer: it depends. Goals and objectives are different from client to client, so it’s tough to give a concrete, one-size-fits-all answer. For example, if your goal is awareness, the metrics you’d use to see if social…

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How to get buy-in on your content strategy from your sales team

Gathering buy-in from internal stakeholders on a content strategy often can be a difficult feat. One of the most successful and helpful ways to get everyone in the boat rowing together is to involve internal stakeholders in the content marketing process early on. Sales teams, in particular, can be helpful in shaping content strategy as they typically have a deep well of knowledge about both the products you sell and your key prospects. The next time your team sits down to map out a content…

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What’s a communications audit?

You’ve likely heard us talk about communications audits on the blog, on our website and in videos and maybe even in person, too. While audits are not a new concept, at Hodges, we view audits as a crucial starting point for working with new clients.  It’s a way to create an informed foundation for developing the best possible communications strategy to achieve a client’s goals. But let’s back up a bit. What exactly is a communications audit? An audit is a comprehensive evaluation of an…

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