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#AskJon: What’s the Right Tone for my Content? [VIDEO]

The right tone really needs to be something that is educational, something that shows your expertise. You really want to balance that against every bone in your body wanting to sell. People don’t really respond well to sales right off the bat. So what you want to do is educate them and again show your expertise as a way to start a relationship with them, and then look for opportunities to sell maybe a little bit further down the line.

Whether it’s through specific offers or whether it’s slowly putting that sales message into your content. But the most important thing, and think of it like you would you know buying a car yourself or buying a house, you want to shop around for awhile you want to go to people you trust and then eventually at that later point is when you’re interested in buying. Your content should follow the same approach.

We would love to entertain your questions and try and stump me or try to answer them, and the way to contact us on twitter, you can send your question into @HodgesTweets with the hashtag #AskJon.

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