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#AskJon: Is video still a thing? [VIDEO]

Yes, Virginia, video is very much still a thing.

As a matter of fact it’s probably the thing right now. But, the key thing is to balance yourself. You don’t want to go all video and blog all the time. People are used to the written word, but, by the same token, they may be too used to the written word.

The reason why we’re doing this vlog is to sprinkle in a good, solid, short video snippets into our blogging.

We have gotten more feedback and actually more views to these vlogs than we do our regular blog. But, to do it all the time, I think people would get sick of this as well, so mixing it up it’s probably the best way to go. Maybe once a week, like we’re doing.

Try that out and see if that works for you.

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