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#AskJon: How can I integrate social into my next event? [VIDEO]

You really want to start integrating social even before the event, to promote the event. So, think about who your audiences are and where they are, and then put together a content plan to promote the event — at least a couple of weeks out on social — and get the word out of, not only what you’re doing, what opportunities they have, but also which hashtags they can use of the event to promote the event and interact during the event.

Then, obviously, during the event, you want to encourage them to be on social, and hashtagging is a must. Then the other thing that we’ve done, is there are a number of third-party providers that will post the posts on large screens or on television sets or monitors at the event, so people can actually see social media posts in real time at the event.

So, you want to get them before, you want to get them during, and then you want to encourage that conversation after, and the hashtags and the content can live on in the days and weeks after the event, as well.

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