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#AskJon: Why is my content marketing strategy failing?

So, the main reason that we find that content strategy fails for clients is because they didn’t take the time to plan out, not only their strategy, but what their goals and audiences are on the front end. So, if you’re seeing and not getting the results that you’re hoping for, take a step back and revisit a) did I set out goals to begin with, b) do I have audiences that we’re really writing for and c) do I have an amplification strategy that really makes sense for a) and b).

For example, you can write the best content that you’ve ever written and you can know the audiences that you’re going for, but do you have an amplification strategy? Are you posting on social channels? Do you have social advertising in the mix, not just boosting but really targeting the type of people that you want?

My guess is that you’re not, and if you circle back and start off with a) and b), you will be happier with the results that you get in c), and then ongoing.

So, again, start at the beginning again, take a deep breath, make sure that the plan is in place, and my guess is your results will get better.

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